Second Union

Second Union


From the bright lights of Big City to the offices of Figures Toy Company comes Blue Falcon and Dynomutt!  That’s right, the courageous canine and the sensational superhero will soon be in your hands.  FTC is expecting the first wave of Dynomutt figures to drop in late March!  In this latest FTC update, we’ll finally get to find out what the full assortment of Dynomutt Series 1 will consist of!

The first Dynomutt retro figure series will feature the Dog Wonder in his crime-fighting costume, as well as a variant edition of Dynomutt with a jacket!  Blue Falcon will be there to back up his buddy, and you’ll be able to enjoy him when he’s off-duty with a figure for his secret identity of Radley Crown!  Lastly, you can’t be crime-fighters without crime, so the villainous Mr. Hyde will round out the set, allowing collectors to create chaos that the terrific twosome can stop!

Not adding Dynomutt Series 1 to your collection would be a “dog blunder”, as Blue Falcon would say, so keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders!  We’re only about a month away from having more of Hanna-Barbera’s legendary characters added to FTC’s retro roster, and figures from other assortments are sure to show up as well.  Check out www.figurestoycompany.comto catch pre-orders as they’re posted, and to see what else is in stock and coming soon.  You’ll see some of FTC’s latest releases like The Three Stooges “Dizzy Detectives” variants, and can get an early start on the Dynomutt series by ordering the Early Bird Edition Radley Crown figure!  Whatever your retro pleasure is, you can bet that FTC has you covered!  Additional items also arrive in stock this spring, so make sure you keep your eyes on Second Union in the coming weeks for more retro figure reveals from Figures Toy Company!

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