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The WAKANDA Experience: A Private Premiere for the BLACK PANTHER Movie + Poster Giveaway WINNER

Second Union was invited to a premiere private-viewing experience for Marvel’s Black Panther in Atlanta, Georgia, Friday, February 16th and we were transported from Atlanta to the kingdom of Wakanda!

It was a one-of-a-kind, 21+ VIP experience hosted by Templar Investment Group, LLC and included all of the excitement of a blockbuster Hollywood premier complete with flashing lights, photo opportunities, and our VIP guests’ very own Black carpet.

We enjoyed complimentary cocktails and light hors-d’oeuvres during the pre-screening reception in the AMC Parkway Pointe’s VIP Lounge.

Attendees were adorned in costume, thematically-dressed, and the sexiest all-black attire.

All auditoriums were sold out.

We took a moment to ask the host, Evelyn Cooke (Partner, Templar Investment Group, LLC) a few questions regarding the event:

1. Tell us about Templar Investment Group

Templar Investment Group is a Private Asset and Risk Management firm which focuses on the interests and goals of our community.

2. What was your inspiration for hosting this event?

This movie demanded that spaces be created for us to experience this event as a community. It was not meant for individual consumption but to be seen in such a way that promoted togetherness and unity.

3. Are there any plans to host future private viewing screenings like this one?

Absolutely! We are excited about all of the coming opportunities to highlight Black greatness in the visual arts. This event allowed us to discover ways we can further develop our approach to create even more meaningful experiences for our community and we see clearly how important doing so is and will continue to be.

Second Union wants to thank Templar Investment, LLC once again for the invitation to cover the spectacular event and hope to partner again in the near future. If you have not seen Marvel’s Black Panther, what are you waiting for?!

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