Second Union

Second Union

FTC Announces Prisoner Variant JOKER and PENGUIN Action Figures

The inmates are overrunning FTC!  That’s right, a couple of convicts have escaped from Arkham Asylum and are now using Figures Toy Company as their hideout.  Help out the Caped Crusader and join the search party by visiting where you can now find Prisoner Penguin and Prisoner Joker figures!

That’s right, two of Gotham’s greatest villains have had their trademark suits tossed aside in favor of prison blues.  These variant figures were previously only available with FTC’s Mobile Bat-Lab and Gotham City Police Transport vehicles, but are now locked up in individual packaging and awaiting transfer to your home!  There’s also new, exclusive packaging for both of them, which serves as a reminder that no matter what tricks they pull, they’ll always be busted by Batman!

If you’re on good behavior, then these Prisoner variants are the perfect reward!  FTC has both available for purchase now, along with several additional sets of the Batman Retro figure series.  There’s also a spring shipment of new items on the way, so make sure Second Union is bookmarked so that you get all the latest updates about what’s available from Figures Toy Company!

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