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Universal FanCon Tells Their Story

Universal FanCon is the first large-scale event that celebrates the diversity of fans and the diversity of Fandoms. But the celebration of fans and heroes can only be told by the people who represent fans and heroes: the people who represent FanCon. “We are so grateful to all of our Special Guests who took the time to help tell the universal story of FanCon.”

Video features Yetide Badaki, Sean Baek, Jamie Broadnax, Robert Butler, Jonathan Cormur, Brittany Curran, Aydian Dowling, Ev Jones, Brian Hauser, Heavygrinder, Saori Kobayashi, Rizwan Manji, Lisa Marie, Peter Matise,Tamsen McDonough, Sumalee Montano, Jodi Murphy, Sergio Osuna, David Pagan, Thai Pham, Ron Roecker, Yael Tygiel, Fryda Wolff

We All are Fans/We All are Heroes

“It all started because we are geeks and fans of pop culture…But there wasn’t a place, a gathering, an event that represented us all…We didn’t see our same faces, races, lifestyles, communities, capabilities, FABULOUSNESS! So, we created an event that celebrates every fandom and every fan…”

Don’t forget to buy your tickets. Join us at ! April 27-29, 2018 in Baltimore, MD

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