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Second Union


It might be the end of the month, but the fun has only just begun over at Figures Toy Company! The delivery truck hasn’t even pulled out of the parking lot yet, and Second Union is here with a big update from the Tampa based toymaker. Read on to see what you can order at right now!

When things get “ruff” in the Big City, there’s only one mechanical mutt that can save the day! He’s DYNOMUTT, and Figures Toy Company has given him his very own series of retro action figures! The Saturday morning cartoon star is joined by his cohort Blue Falcon, and together they’ll take on Mr. Hyde in this first wave of figures! Dynomutt is also available in a variant red jacket edition so that he can have some fun during his downtime, and the alter ego of Blue Falcon, Radley Crown, was made available several months back as an Early Bird Release from FTC. Dynomutt Series 1 is yet another set that pays homage to the iconic characters of Hanna Barbera animation, joining other Hanna Barbera toy lines from Figures Toy Company like Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, and Scooby Doo.

Speaking of iconic characters, few are at the level of Wonder Woman, and she’s returned to FTC with a new wave of figures straight out of the Silver Age! A new version of Wonder Woman, along with Steve Trevor, Diana Prince, and Silver Swan make up Wonder Woman Series 2! This is a set that’s had the attention of collectors since the first preview was shown some time back, and now it’s time for the DC Comics cornerstone to take her rightful place in your collection!

There’s also room for modern mayhem amidst all of the retro figure fun at FTC. Their in-house brands of wrestling figures now have some new talent on the roster! FTC’S Legends of Professional Wrestling series now includes one of the most controversial characters in all of wrestling, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, while their Rising Stars of Wrestling series has added Lucha Underground’s lady superstar Ivelisse, Impact Wrestling high flyers Trevor Lee and Sonjay Dutt, former Ring of Honor World Champion Homicide, and a variant edition of their previously released Chris Hero figure! All of these new figures are sure to deliver endless amounts of action and excitement to any wrestling fan!

As you can see, spring is off to a good start over at Figures Toy Company, and if recent previews are any indication, the rest of 2018 will be just as packed with more fantastic figures! Characters like Hanna Barbera’s Birdman and DC Comics cult favorites like Joker’s Daughter just barely scratch the surface of FTC’s plans, and Second Union will fill you in on everything you need to know on new releases! Visit to get your hands on Dynomutt, Wonder Woman, and whatever else tickles your fancy, and keep an eye on Second Union for future updates from FTC!

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