Second Union

Second Union


Be warned, citizens of Gotham!  Trouble is coming to town, as Figures Toy Company is set to expand their Batman Retro Series with the inclusion of two of the Caped Crusaders toughest foes.  Newly sculpted figures of both The Penguin and The Riddler, with updated costumes, are set for a showdown with the legendary hero!

In addition to these new retro releases, FTC has also hinted that there will be other versions of The Riddler finding their way into the army of action figures that they have in stock.  Details are sparse, but collectors can count on Penguin and Riddler being in stock at sooner than later!

The news of new versions of two classic villains should please any Bat-fan, and while you’re waiting for them, visit Figures Toy Company for all your Classic Batman needs!  From the Silver Age to the Classic TV Series, FTC’s already got a long list of characters available, and the promise of more on the way!  Don’t forget to bookmark Second Union for continuous updates on FTC’s toy lines, and be sure to give them a follow on Twitter (@FiguresToyCo on Twitter, Figures Toy Company on both Facebook and Instagram), or visit to see more images and information about their super-powered and Saturday Morning Cartoon inspired collectibles!

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