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REVIEW: Netflix’s THE RAIN – “The Soaking Dead”

Netflix seems to be doubling down these days on their ambition to bring an array of original content from around the world. With shows such as Dark, 3% and now The Rain all proving that science fiction is still as enjoyable regardless the language they speak. Unlike RECVeronica and countless other foreign language horrors, Netflix appears to have adopted a more innovative method of dubbing their content with voices seemingly more akin to those speaking the original text.

The Rain focuses on Simone and her younger brother Rasmus as they come to terms with the sudden upheaval of everything they know. After being swiftly evacuated by their Mother and Father, they quickly discover the severity of the situation they face: the rain has been poisoned. After seeing countless people become immediately infected and subsequently die after getting caught in the rain, the focus instantly turns to staying as dry as possible.

Under the strict instruction of her Father, Simone is tasked with doing everything within her power to protect her brother from any and all things that may want to harm him. After a brief overview of the succeeding six years, the surviving siblings find themselves running low on rations and increasingly struggling to survive within the confines of their adopted residence. Still desperate to make contact with their Dad, Simone and Rasmus make the decision, alongside a group of misfit survivors, to track him down and hopefully discover the reasons behind the fatal event that changed the lives of everyone around them.

The Rain is an inventive premise that carries a fair modicum of interest throughout, however, the reliance on predictable foils and shocks that seem more luck than judgment hinder what could have been one of Netflix’s prominent creations of 2018. With able performances from the cast and cinematography more than capable to keep anyone sustainably entertained for the duration of the relatively short run of 8 episodes, The Rain does deliver on the certain elements of the storm looming overhead. However…

One major gripe is that The Rain isn’t treated as an ever-present danger, likely to strike at any given moment and cause insurmountable levels of damage to anyone caught in its path. Think Mad Max: Fury Road: the constant threat to Furiosa’s endeavor is Immortan Joe. Throughout the film, it is clear that Joe is coming. Regardless of sandstorms, failed missions or high-pressure shootouts, Joe is coming for them. The Rain shamelessly fails to capitalize on this, instead focusing on the human danger instead of that in which they cannot control.

Overall, The Rain is certainly worthy of anyone’s time. Its positives severely outweigh its negatives, and will undoubtedly provide adequate entertainment for those long days with nothing better to do. And if you’re still unsure, try to imagine The Happening meets The Walking Dead and you might be within the ballpark of Netflix’s The Rain.

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