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Second Union


What’s this?  A collection of cretins have cornered the Caped Crusader?  A gruesome group of gangsters gathered to gain control of Gotham?  It’s all going down at Figures Toy Company, where a Limited Edition run of Batman Classic TV Series multipacks has been assembled!

Since the creation of the popular Batman ’66 toy line, FTC has always included the familiar foes the Dynamic Duo dealt with each week.  More recently, they revealed character specific henchmen 4 packs, with The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, and The Penguin figures getting all the help they’d need for a hostile takeover!  Now, FTC’s latest release combines those aspects into one awesome set, as a new series of multipacks containing each villain and 3 of their evil associates!  Each of the following sets is limited to only 25 pieces, so it’s not something you’ll want to spend too long debating on!  The new packs available at are as follows:

Both versions of Catwoman (Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt) are ready to sink their claws into a crime wave with three evil associates!

The Joker and his band of bandits are all smiles as they set up their latest caper!

Mr. Freeze and friends are prepared to send chills down citizens spines!

The Riddler has surrounded himself with some questionable characters!

The Penguin is prepared to lead a flock of foes against Batman and Robin!

And lastly, the four main villains (Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman) are available in an all-star lineup of Batman’s adversaries!

Again, only 25 of each of these sets will be made available!  This is the perfect way to easily build your own criminal empire with the cast of characters from the legendary television show!  All of these can be found at along with many more famous faces from the Batman Classic TV Series such as Shame, Mad Hatter, and Alfred!  There’s even an all-new Batcave playset based on what we grew up watching on television!  Besides all the stars of the Batman TV show, Figures Toy Company also has an assortment of offerings featuring officially licensed figures from the world of Hanna Barbera, KISS, The Monkees, and even The Three Stooges!  If you’re looking for updates and information on all things FTC, then Second Union is your source!  Be sure to check back for more FTC updates, and follow them on social media for all the latest news on what’s in stock and what’s still to come!

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