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Ready Player One Challenge: San Diego Comic-Con 2018

The Ready Player One Challenge: San Diego Comic Con is inspired by the hit film from Steven Spielberg will kick off Wednesday, July 18 from 5 PM – 7 PM and will be open daily July 19 – 21, from 10 AM – 7 PM and on Sunday, July 22 from 10 AM – 5 PM. Admission is free. Step into the OASIS and join in an adventure too big for the real world!

Enter the virtual world of Ready Player One and experience the nostalgia of the 80s in this interactive, hyper-shareable, walkthrough activation. Test your knowledge of the film and 1980s trivia in two challenge rooms and explore the depths of The OASIS, including the haunted room 237 from The Shining! Fans will have the opportunity to enjoy and interact with nostalgic gaming stations, beautifully re-created “set” environments, authentic film props and costumes and immersive in-world moments.

To reserve a spot in one of the challenge rooms for a chance to win a collectible exclusive giveaway item, click here to “reserve free ticketALL RESERVATIONS SLOTS ARE NOW FULL. The challenge room experience is expected to last 5-8 minutes. Please note you do not have to participate in the challenge rooms to enjoy the overall experience. Fans can attend the experience without a reservation.

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