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FIGURES TOY COMPANY Announces 12-Inch Action Figures

Some of the biggest characters in comics history are coming to Figures Toy Company in a retro figure assortment that’s larger than life!  You’re going to need a lot of shelf space for FTC’s latest venture, as the World’s Greatest Heroes and Villains from DC Comics are being released in a new 12-inch figure format!

Each of the new 12-inch DC Comics figures is based on the earlier 8-inch design, but it’s been made bigger for added fun!  Much like Mego had a variety of 12-inch offerings, FTC is moving ahead with the format, adding it to its standard 8-inch and occasional 18-inch offerings!  22 characters will be included in the initial wave, so read below to see which super-powered plastic people you’ll be able to play with!


Removable Cowl Batman


Removable Mask Robin

Bruce Wayne

Dick Grayson

Wonder Woman


Not just one, but TWO versions of Batgirl


Clark Kent


Mary Marvel


Harley Quinn

Plastic Man

The Flash

Alfred Pennyworth

The Penguin

The Joker

and last, but certainly not least, The Riddler!

Further information will be available on the release timeframe, and Second Union will be your source for all things FTC!  While you’re waiting for more Figures Toy Company news to break, spend some time over at and check out everything that’s available for you right now!  From iconic DC Comics heroes to the Saturday morning cartoon superstars from Hanna Barbera, you’ll feel old-school cool when you bring home collectibles from Figures Toy Company!  You can also get a look at all things FTC on their various social media pages, and be sure to follow Second Union for more FTC updates as they happen!

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