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Climax (2018): An Underseen Hypnotic Masterpiece

There aren’t many films I’d describe as an experience, but Gaspar Noé’s neon nightmare certainly fits the bill. Pulsing with rhythm in every frame, Climax makes use of the thin premise and limited setting.

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“Death is an extraordinary experience.”

Climax if nothing else is a cautionary tale of mob rule absolutely dripping with a unique and mesmerizing style. A film that shows the line between passion and insanity, ranging from ten-minute long impressively choreographed dance sequences to gossip you may find in any group of twenty-somethings. This previously mentioned line between love and insanity becomes more and more blurred as the sangria flows.

In one of the most hyperbolic ways, possible Climax demonstrates how risky and unhealthy the “every man for themselves” mentality is and how positively toxic that can be to ourselves and others. With the help of Benoît Debie’s absolute awe-inspiring cinematography that adds to this continued feeling of anxiety and paranoia.

Climax is easily Gaspar Noé’s most fast paced films almost never giving the audience a second to breathe, this also adds to this feeling of anxiety I mentioned earlier. Love it or hate Climax will keep your heart racing through and through.

Photo Credit: A24

“Life is a fleeting pleasure.”

Sofia Boutella, of Kingsmen: The Secret Service fame, delivers one of the most genuine performances ever. She absolutely makes you believe every single second of her performance, all without a frame of hallucination. She perfectly encapsulates the fear and confusion that someone would feel if they were put in this situation.

Climax is somehow the most tame film from Gaspar Noé, but that by no means makes it a good pick for the family. There are scenes I would describe as stomach churning and horrific, but it all feels so genuine within the story I can get past and even appreciate it.

Overall, Climax is another beautifully shot and performed feverish nightmare from Gaspar Noé and I would recommend it to anyone that finds that description interesting though it’s not for the faint of heart.

Photo Credit: A24

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