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Batman Celebrates his 80th Anniversary as a Tour de Force at WONDERCON 2019

Roger Craig Smith, Grace Randolph, Kevin Conroy, DC Publisher, Jim Lee – DC Publisher, Chief Creative Officer – DC Entertainment, David Mazouz, Lee Meriwether and Diedrich Bader

Exactly one week ago marked a grand occasion for the Caped Crusader. Not only did crowds of fans, a massive chunk of which even being dressed up as the hero, assemble at the Anaheim Convention Center for a weekend of comic book related festivities, but he actually received an amazing honor to mark this grand occasion. Batman has officially celebrated the hallmarked 80thAnniversary. To celebrate such an occasion, six of the most prominent figures in the character’s history descended onto Anaheim and Wonder-Con for an exclusive panel where all fans of The Dark Knight had something to enjoy and even devour. 

Attending the panel included David Mazouz, made famous from his involvement with the Gotham TV show, Kevin Conroy, the voice actor who many consider to be the “definitive” Batman,Lee Meriwether, Roger Craig Smith, and finally Grace Randolph, influencer and host of the YouTube channel Beyond the Trailer. And finally, the last panelist present was Jim Lee, comic book legend and icon who currently stands as Chief Creative Officer over at DC Comics. Lee was present to not only celebrate the Dark Knight’s legacy but also to formally announce some exciting news. 

Jim Lee Stands Before the Towering BAT-CAKE (Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment)

In addition to managing both Wonder-Con in Anaheim and San Diego Comic-Con in expectedly, San Diego, Comic-Con International (CCI) is currently setting the groundwork for the upcoming opening of the Comic-Con Museumin July of this yearAnd within this museum, CCIwill display a hall of fame for the most prestigious of characters. And of course, as Lee announced, the first character who most deserves that position is undoubtedly Batman, meaning that yes, the Caped Crusader himself will be the first inductee into the Museum’s Hall of Fame, and the love from the Museum for the character that has endured eighty years and hasn’t looked a day over thirty, excluding Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, didn’t stop there. 

At the Museum’s booth where Wonder-Con attendees could sign up to be the first to know about new updates regarding the slated attraction, two life-scale replicas of the Batmobile were present, one from the classic Tim Burton rendition. They were daunting works that put a Joker-like grin on every Batman fan that passed by it. 

Capping off the panel was something just as spectacular as what came before with the only exception being how scrumptious it could be described. Provided by Bluprint, a massive cake for Batman’s 80thanniversary was unveiled and sliced so that all those present could enjoy it. Simply put, it was one of the most gorgeous cakes that many had laid their eyes on. The festivities do not stop there as DC Comics has confirmed they plan to keep the party rolling all the way through the year even though the exact day of the anniversary has past. A hopefully spectacular continuation of an already marvelous celebration of the character who is nothing short of a tour de force. 

Grace Randolph, Jim Lee – DC Publisher, Chief Creative Officer – DC Entertainment, David Mazouz, Lee Meriwether, Kevin Conroy, Diedrich Bader and Roger Craig Smith

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