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Second Union

High Life: The Film of the Decade

Before seeing the science fiction masterpiece, High Life I was rather unfamiliar with the work of titular filmmaker, Claire Denis. However, that all changed and now putting High Life in the context of her career, it’s a whole new experience.

Mia Goth (left) Claire Denis (middle) Robbert Pattinson (right)

Essentially capturing everything that makes science-fiction; universal and human themes with a technologically advanced setting. Claire Denis’s hypnotizing effect completely entranced me with her patient storytelling, a singular moment in the desolate nothingness has never felt more human.

A spellbinder to be sure, a film leaving you with more questions than answers, it’s sexual duality is impeccable never really cementing a narrative, leaving the viewer to take everything in as they will.

A detached experience that balances a feeling of seclusion while simultaneously keeping you invested, a perversive group that will never release this uneasy pit in your stomach. Visually transfixing, slowly melding the stark entrancement of the universe and the vivid allure of the ship and its inhabitants.

Seduction in silence, the inference is not only allowed but encouraged in this challenging and rewarding experience. Not only in its visuals but the droning hypnotic score further pushing you to the edge.

Sex as a tool for manipulation; a weapon, these desires are pushed to the brink yet rarely topple, giving us a lack of control. Never before has sex been so alluring yet haunting. 

Paternity as an obligation, a result of the previously mentioned lust, these ideas are never without consequence, adding to the weight and gravity of every situation and test. Removing sex and love completely. 

The nothingness of space or surrounded by sexually frustrated individuals serving almost no purpose, the idea of loneliness has almost never had less meaning. 

Provocative, challenging, masterpiece, Claire Denis has not disappointed thus far; High Life is an experience I cannot forget and will revisit.

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