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7 Marvelous Moments from Dragon Con 2019

Dragon Con 2019 has come to an end, but the best thing about an ending is reliving the beginning.

So here are 7 Marvelous Moments from Dragon Con 2019 – in random order:

  1. Dragon Con Parade

The annual Dragon Con Parade returned for another great year, drawing unprecedented crowds. Check out the 2019 parade in full!

PHOTOS: Costumed characters fill 2019 Dragon Con Parade 

 (Photos by Nelson Hicks/

Here are some more photos from the 2019 Dragon Con Parade.

2. BET x Dragon Con

From Killmonger to Sho’Nuff. Representation Matters. And BET was at Dragon Con to capture black geeks and cosplayers of all shapes and sizes traveling to Atlanta to experience Dragon Con. Check out their video footage…

3. Dragon Con TV – Last Dragon Con ( A Katy Perry Last Friday Night T.G.I.F. Parody)

No idea this existed until hanging in my friend’s hotel room at one of the Dragon Con host hotels, the Hilton. The hotel room television had the Dragon TV Channel featuring Dragon Con programming 24 hours! And then this 7-year-old gem came on…

4. Amazing Dragon Con Cosplay

From Avengers to Flintstones to Demogorgons, if you watch it, read it, or play it, then it was more than likely cosplayed at Dragon Con. Check out this video gallery of Dragon Con 2019 Cosplay by That Cosplay Life

5. Jordan Peele: Fan Panel

In a few short years, Jordan Peele has quickly ascended the ranks of horror’s elite. This panel examined his work in horror & suspense, from the Oscar-winning Get Out to Us to his current role on The Twilight Zone and his future role in the production of HBO’s Lovecraft Country. Panelists: Damian Allen (Moderator), Abbey White, Karen Bembry, and Lisa Harrison.

Hands Across Dragon Con

(VIDEO CREDIT: Smoove Cosplaya)

6. TPain in Disguise on the Hilton Hotel Dance Floor

T-Pain strutted in the first-ever Leroy Smith cosplay alongside his daughter who cosplayed as Dutch Van der Lind from Red Dead Redemption 2. T-Pain not only did an amazing job with his costume but embodied the character by showing out on the dancefloor in his Instagram post.

Tekken 7‘s Season 3 release is out now. Leroy Smith will make his debut in the winter release. The newest DLC includes free updates including but not limited to new moves for every character and UI updates. Please let this TPain/Leroy Smith dance be an emote.

7. The Evolution of Jon the FedEx Standee Ad During Dragon Con

FedEx had a Life-Size ad displayed during Dragon Con and of course, attendees saw ways to improve it. Check out a full article on what happened to Jon the FedEx Standee Ad via BoredPanda.

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