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New Podcast – The Cosmic Library

A new podcast! Welcome to the first episode of The Cosmic Library!

We have a new comic book news and reviews podcast here at Second Union! We’re calling it The Cosmic Library!

This first episode is your chance to get to know our hosts and catch up on major comic book news you may have missed. Moreover, we will have no rumors; no fan theories. Only hard news will be discussed.

Some of the stories we will cover include:

  • We introduce ourselves and let you know some of our favorite series, as well as our favorite stories.
  • A mysterious new X-Men team is teased.
  • Who is in the new Suicide Squad?
  • A new Spider-Woman series.
  • We discuss the career of Tom Lyle
  • What event will Aquaman and Mera go through soon?
  • Which 90’s Marvel series is getting a new #1?
  • What kind of problems is Frank Miller having?
  • Which Superman ally/enemy is coming back to Earth?
  • What well-known independent character is getting new stories from their teenage years?
  • Which well-known piece of DC equipment is returning?
  • What convention company is now managing Crunchyroll Expo?
  • Which Marvel comic is the highest-priced Marvel comic ever?
  • Additionally, what kind of Disneyland story includes Denny’s?
Suicide Squad cast
The Suicide Squad

You can hear it at the link below!

The Cosmic Library – Episode 1

Meanwhile, in the next episode, we will review the first issues of Batman: White Knight in depth!

In addition to all of that, we are working on an X-Men focused podcast we are calling the X-Perts. It will be our Cosmic Library crew going deep into X-Men storylines and characters! We want to put a spotlight on a segment of the Marvel Universe we are big fans of, as well as help explain the seven decades of deep continuity these characters have!

More episodes will follow soon!

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