Second Union

Second Union

NEW PODCASTS – The Cosmic Library & The X-Perts

We have new podcasts ready for your enjoyment!

The latest episode of The Cosmic Library Podcast has a lot happening in it! In addition to a review of the first issues of Batman: White Knight, we discuss the following:

  • Which DC characters can lift Mjolnir according to Marvel’s comics?
  • We dive into a discussion about Marvel’s Outlawed one-shot.
  • What can Superman’s identity reveal mean for those around him?
  • Which comic creator is in a dispute with his brother?
  • Did Doctor Strange become… a teacher?
  • Has Marvel Comics closed its studios?!
  • Meanwhile, which convention just opened ticket sales?
  • Has Conan actually met his god, Crom?
  • Who is in the Hellions with Havok and Psylocke?

The Cosmic Library Ep. 02 – Revisiting the White Knight

cosmic library podcast second union

In the meantime, we have another new podcast; the X-Perts! We will talk in-depth on Marvel’s misaligned mutants, the X-Men and their storylines! The first episode is bizarre because we ask a set of questions we have after reading House of X/Powers of X!

Listen and see if you have any other questions this new status quo has created!

The X-Perts Ep. 01 – Questions from the Dawn of X

second union x-perts podcast

Meanwhile, we are setting up for next week’s recordings, including developments from DC’s art being used in protests, who the Maker answers to in Marvel Comics, and the announcement of a new Star Wars series!

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