Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS PODCAST – Episode 3 – “Jubilee”

The latest X-Perts podcast looks into a deeply unliked X-Man, Jubilee!

After our last episode going back to the long history of Angel, the X-Perts have decided to review an X-Man the fandom seems to loathe. Jubilee! Is this ’90s made superhero made to be disliked? Is it a case of bad timing? In addition, is she capable of more than being the fireworks girl?

marvel comics jubilee x-men
Jubilee by Jim Lee

Listen for yourself! We found this review extremely enlightening!

The X-Perts Episode 3 – Jubilee

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Moreover, next week, we will review an important storyline in Marvel’s mutant history, the Mutant Massacre!

See you next week!

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