Second Union

Second Union

Meet THE UNION, the New Super Team Coming in ‘Empyre’

The latest Marvel Comic event will introduce a new team of heroes in ‘The Union’ by Paul Grist and Andrea Di Vito with a cover by R.B. Silva!

EMPYRE is shaping up to be an event that shakes up the entire universe, and what better way to take on a space invasion than with an alliance of heroes that spans the globe? Marvel Comics presents THE UNION, a new five-issue series spinning out of EMPYRE that unveils the latest super team taking on the intergalactic threat! Comprised of Britain’s greatest Super Heroes — Union Jack AKA Joseph Chapman, Snakes, Kelpie, the Choir, and Britannia — the Union is stepping in to assist the Avengers and Fantastic Four in a battle that will test the limits of the fledgling crew!

THE UNION #1, written by legendary British comic creator Paul Grist (JUDGE DREDD, JACK STAFF) with art by Andrea Di Vito, features characters designed by R.B. Silva, who also provided the cover:

Grist expressed his excitement over writing THE UNION: “Forty years ago, Roger Stern and John Byrne introduced a new Union Jack into the pages of CAPTAIN AMERICA! This is the comic I’ve been waiting 40 years to write! New heroes! New adventures! And a team that’s falling apart before it’s even begun!”

Here’s a closer look at Silva’s character designs:

Said Silva: “I really like Medieval themes and when I was designing these, I thought of the series The Last Kingdom on Netflix. With Britannia and Kelpie, I wanted them to look like medieval warriors and I just simplified and modernized it from there. For Snakes, I thought of the visual for the Executioner. Someone the enemy will fear from just a look. And for the Choir, more of a light visual, something that can enable quick movements. On her knife I put three dragon’s heads. I know on Wales’ flag they have a dragon with only one head but I thought, why not three? :)”

THE UNION #1, written by Paul Grist with art by Andrea Di Vito, goes on sale in May.

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