Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS PODCAST: Episode 10 – “Kid Omega”

The X-Perts are looking at one of the latest, most powerful characters!

He is well-known. He is impossibly powerful. This mutant is someone everyone knows and no one wants to follow. He may very well be the best. He isn’t Logan. His code-name is Kid Omega. Meanwhile, the X-Perts just know him as Quentin Quire.

Quentin quire marvel comics
Quentin Quire – Kid Omega

Is Quentin worth his reputation? Is he a worthy member of X-Force? Or Generation X? Or the West Coast Avengers? Should he wield the Phoenix Force?

Listen and find out!

The X-Perts Podcast: Episode 10 – “Kid Omega”

X-Perts Podcast second union

Next week, we look at one of the X-Men’s supporters! He has been a member of Alpha Flight and the X-Club! We will meet Madison Jeffries!

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