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Casting The Crystal Shard Movie

Dungeons and Dragons has officially reached the mainstream! With Critical Role getting an animated series and more tabletop roleplaying shows seeing success all the time, it’s inevitable we’ll be getting another Dungeons and Dragons movie soon.

There is already a D&D movie in development and I’m going to do another article about where I hope they take that project. This article is about a very specific Dungeons and Dragons movie wishlist. 

Since the 80s, one of the most famous plotlines and characters has been Drizzt Do’Urden and the Crystal Shard. This novel by R.A. Salvatore is set in the D&D world of the Forgotten Realms. It is the first in a series of adventures starring Drizzt that consists of over 35 books and counting.

The Crystal Shard has everything an epic fantasy story needs – multiple large battle scenes, an evil wizard’s castle, and yes, a dragon. It also touches heavily on racism as most people in the world look at Drizzt, a dark elf, with fear and anger just because of his appearance.

Wizards of the Coast has already revealed plans to return to Icewind Dale and the events of the Crystal Shard in their upcoming game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

Here are my choices for the director and for the Companions of the Hall:

Director – Andy Serkis

While he doesn’t have many director credits under his belt, Serkis has tackled some major projects. Only his second directing effort, Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, got some mixed reviews for the dark tone but his direction was definitely solid. After working as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Serkis ended up doing some second unit directing in the later Hobbit movies, giving him epic fantasy experience from the master himself, Peter Jackson. He’s now finishing up directing Venom 2, making him available to tackle and set the tone of an entirely new fantasy world.

Drizzt Do’Urden – Marwan Kenzari

Kenzari is probably best known for his role as Jafar in the live-action Aladdin. He brings a more reserved tone to the classic villain. His most critically acclaimed role was in the Dutch crime drama, Wolf. While he is playing a boxer and criminal enforcer, he turns in a really introspective and level performance. That is exactly what’s needed for Drizzt. Most of the time he is a brooding, tragic figure that treats everyone with kindness. But behind that, there is real violence and power. Kenzari seems capable of pulling off that very nuanced performance.

Bruenor Battlehammer – J.K. Simmons

The gruff but loving dwarf gets to show the most range out of anyone in the cast. He is short with most people and an absolute terror to behold on the battlefield. He also serves as the adoptive father to Catti-brie and Wulfgar to different degrees. J.K. Simmons has the range to play both the angry, raging man and the more fatherly side. He also will be able to handle the physicality the role will require.

Regis – Gabriel Iglesias

Iglesias seems like the perfect choice to play the halfling Bruenor calls Rumblebelly. He obviously has the comedic chops to play the most light-hearted character in the group. More importantly, he definitely has the high charisma modifier necessary to portray Regis’ more persuasive side.

Wulfgar – Liam Hemsworth

Wulfgar seems like the role that would best go to an unknown actor. But we can’t really play that game, so my choice is the younger Hemsworth. With the story relying heavily on Wulfgar’s journey, you really need someone likable and engaging for the role. Hemsworth could do a good job playing the slightly green and anxious boy and then eventually the inspiring leader. Physically Wulfgar is nearly seven feet of pure muscle, so some movie magic will likely have to be done to get any actor they choose for the role to appropriately loom over his companions.

Catti-brie – Rose Leslie

Red-headed Scottish lass, that is good with a bow? Yeah, it’s a pretty obvious choice but Rose Leslie seems like she would play the role really well. Catti-brie gets to show a lot more heart and compassion which she was only able to hint at with Game of Throne’s Ygritte.

What do you think of this cast? Who would you pick for an adaptation of The Crystal Shard? Is there another Drizzt book you’d prefer to see adapted? Let me know on Twitter @UndertheCapes.

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