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5 Marvelous Moments from Dragon Con 2021

Dragon Con 2021 has come to an end, but the best thing about an ending is reliving the beginning. Although it was a very different Con from years past, it still managed to have the same magic. So here are 5 Marvelous Moments from Dragon Con 2021 – in random order:

  1. Dragon Con Parade

The Annual Dragon Con parade came back but was closed to the public this year. This year, organizers only permitted attendees with Dragon Con tickets to watch the parade in person. And, unlike previous years, single-day tickets to the Con were not sold. The parade itself was scaled back with fewer participants but was just as spectacular. Check out the 2021 parade in full provided by Dragon Con TV!

2. Girls Can Be Spartans Too!

THIS was awesome to see. Having attended DragonCon for many, many, many years and seeing the Spartans cosplay group as a tradition…it was so cool to see women Spartans for the first time.

“I marched with the Spartans for the first time this year! I was one of the first two women to ever be officially shielded last year, but couldn’t march because Of COVID. We all love the Spartans, but as a mom of a daughter, getting to hear little girls scream out ‘There’s a girl! Girls can be Spartans, too!’ was one of the coolest moments of my life. Looking forward to next year!” -Allison Maldonado

3. A Plethora of Loki Variants

Having the TVA Building as a background (aka The Atlanta Marriott Marquis) made it too easy to cosplay as a Loki Variant during this year’s Dragon Con. So, how many Loki Variants were there? More than the amount in this gallery.

(Photo Credit: These photos were posted on the Official Dragon Con Facebook Group page. Join and say “Hi!”

4. Dragon Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium

There’s no party like an aquarium party cause an aquarium has so many incredible aquatic cosplays! A unique way to experience Dragon Con on Saturday, attendees experienced an exclusive after-hours touring of the Aquarium galleries with ambient music and food and drinks for purchase with General Admission. This year The Legend of the Chosen Costume Contest portion of the event was put on pause for 2021 but will return with a fierce rebound in 2022.

5. The “Not Will Wheaton” Cosplay

“I’m not attending any cons this year because *gestures broadly at everyfuckingthing*. But this morning, Felicia Day texted me from Dragon Con, where there’s a dude cosplaying as me. He has an autograph table set up and everything. I guess people tell this guy that he looks like me, so he decided to lean in and have some fun with it. I love this, I think it’s hilarious and clever, and I’m genuinely touched by it.” – Will Wheaton

(Photo Credit: Janice Wood; Cosplayer: Matt Wood)

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