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[ATLANTA] Netherworld Returns For 26th Season This Fall With Two New Attractions


Prepare to Discover Two Intense Haunts: THE UNDYING HORROR and PARASITIC!

ATLANTA: In the heat of summer, it’s hard to imagine that the crisp fall nights of haunt season will soon be upon us, and that the iron-bound doors of NETHERWORLD Haunted House will be creaking open once more to reveal the unimaginable horrors that lie within! Beginning Friday, Sept. 23, NETHERWORLD will present 33 nights of terror, on select dates in September, October, and November. Throughout this 26th Season of Screams, visitors will plunge headlong into an adrenaline-pumping adventure as they explore two thrilling haunted houses, THE UNDYING HORROR and PARASITIC, followed by a Midway filled with classic Halloween delights!

“NETHERWORLD always strives to deliver unique themes and experiences each year,” said NETHERWORLD Haunted House Co-Creator Ben Armstrong. “We have built some amazing new scenes and absolutely crazy new monsters this season!  THE UNDYING HORROR and PARASITIC are both very scary and elaborate attractions filled with tons of terrifying creatures that I think haunt goers will freak out about!”

With deep background in film, television, special effects, and the haunted attraction industry, the NETHERWORLD creators never fail to deliver an experience of unmatched shock and awe. The intricate sets, next-level effects, and terrifyingly detailed makeup and costumes are created to make attendees feel as though they’ve stepped straight into a real-life horror film. In the coming weeks, more information on ticketing will be revealed. Until then, read on to learn more about this year’s two new haunts… if you dare! 

THE UNDYING HORROR: Concealed in the chaos of a deadly storm, an ancient monstrosity launches massive tentacles to the surface world corrupting everything they touch! Can a battle-worn group of survivors fight their way past the legions of Wraiths and Netherspawn to defeat this nightmarish creature or will the world fall to The Undying Horror? 

Featuring: Warlike Wraiths, Rampaging Netherspawn, The Weird Lab of Dr. Squid, The Old One Arises, The Emergence of the Undying, The Monster-Infested Netherscape, The Undead Army of the Zombie Queen, The Swirling Mists of Zin, The Massive Tentacles of Ubbo Sathla, The Bone Beasts of Carcosa and Face to Face with the Undying Horror! A massive feast of nightmares invades a shattered planet as NETHERWORLD charges headlong into its 26th Season of Screams swarming with supercharged apocalyptic action! 

PARASITIC: A bizarre Parasitic plant-based life form filled with the twisted power of Planet X and grown on a discarded husk of The Harvestman springs to unnatural life in the top-secret facility known as the BOX! After infecting the staff with mind controlling spores and unleashing an army of carnivorous plant and fungus-based creatures, it seeks vengeance on its foolish captors before attempting to escape into the world of men!

Featuring: The Fungal Zombies, The Pit of The Green Slime, The Worm that Gnaws, The Monster that Challenged the World, Swamp Beast Horror, Deadly Nightshade, The Chlorophyll Killers, The Bloody Massacre of the Mutilated, Exo Biological Evil Unleashed, The Primeval Pawns of the Parasite, The Nightmare Run and Get to the Chopper! Will you and your team escape the terror that grows within you, or will you succumb to the unimaginable agony as you become one of the Parasitic legions?

More details on tickets, as well as information on the expanded Midway and a new laser-based horror survival experience will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Interviews with the NETHERWORLD team and photos are available upon request. 

About NETHERWORLD: Created in 1997 by Billy Messina and Ben Armstrong, veterans in the film and television industry, NETHERWORLD is Atlanta’s most popular self-guided, dark attraction. Recognized as one of the most highly acclaimed haunted houses in the world, NETHERWORLD is known for its over-the-top special effects, unique make-up, elaborate costuming, skilled stunt actors, and unusual themes. Since relocating to Stone Mountain in 2017, NETHERWORLD has expanded its offerings to include year-round escape games, known as Escape the NETHERWORLD, and outdoor laser tag, dubbed Laser Adventure Battle Arena. Over the years, NETHERWORLD has garnered local and national attention from media including CNN, “The Today Show,” “The Early Show,” The Travel Channel and Wall Street Journal and has been voted the top haunt in the nation by publications such as Hauntworld Magazine, Dread Central, Fangoria and USA TodayNETHERWORLD’s innovative horror experience and attractions continue to draw in generations of thrill-seekers eager to see what new nightmares have been unleashed! For more information, visit or call 404-999-FEAR. Keep up with all things spooky by following NETHERWORLD Haunted House on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

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