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Second Union

THE COSMIC LIBRARY: Episode 55 – “Mauderia Madness!”

Joe Mauderia is finishing his signature story! Where did it begin? The Cosmic Library will answer that question!

With news of Battle Chaser’s finish coming up, there is no better time to go back and check out Battle Chaser’s first issues! Did Joe Mauderia start a new classic? Which parts of this story age well? What is so special about… a pair of gloves?!

Additionally, we will go through the latest comic book news, including:

  • Marvel Comics has a new distributor?!
  • DC honors a lost creator with a new compilation!
  • San Diego Comic-Con is holding a special mini-event!
  • What new project is Donny Cates working on at Marvel?
  • Which DC character is secretly a billionaire?!
  • Peach Momoko returns to Heavy Metal for a special variant!
  • John Romita, Jr. returns to Marvel!
  • DC is letting fans vote on their next series!
  • Todd McFarlane has revealed the artists in his Spawn Universe!
  • Which comic is getting a Netflix anime and movie?!

In the meantime, here is our review of Image Comics’ Battle Chasers #1-6! Does the anime-inspired art hold up? How does Red Monika affect the rest of the series? Which characters does Knowlan remind us of? What is Garrison’s broken past?

Listen and find out!

cosmic library podcast

The Cosmic Library: Episode 55 – “Mauderia Madness!”

We will be back next week with another review and more of the latest comic book news! No rumors, no fan theories! Just the latest facts for your entertainment!

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