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THE COSMIC LIBRARY: Episode 27 – “Turtlezord!”

The Cosmic Library is staying in New York because we hear that some tourists from Angel Grove will be here soon!

After last week’s review of classic IDW TMNT comics, we want to see some more modern Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stories. However, this one has them clashing with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! How does that even work?! Can mutant ninjas stand up to the might of the Morphin Grid? What parts do Shredder, Rita Repulsa, and Krang have in this story?

Additionally, we go through the latest comic book news, including:

  • What is Robert Kirkman’s experience with Marvel Comics?
  • What is Image Comics Crossover?
  • Which new character will change Captain Marvel’s life?
  • There is a new inhabitant of Gotham City. Why is he there and what is his job?
  • The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are getting a NEW GREEN RANGER!
  • Marvel has canceled a couple of series. Which ones?
  • Additionally, DC cancels a number of Batman-related comics.
  • Ahoy Comics Second Coming is getting a sequel!
  • Marvel has Empyre going on right now! However… what is the Dark Ages?
  • DC’s Generation Zero is still coming out! Although not in its own release?
  • Which notorious Flash item is getting an explanation?
  • And more!

In the meantime, here is our review of IDW Comics’ and BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! How did the Green Ranger start a turf war in New York with its resident mutant ninjas? In addition, do we get to see new versions of the Rangers in this mini-series? Is any of it canon? Which easter eggs are hidden in its pages?

Listen and find out!

The Cosmic Library: Episode 27 – “Turtlezord!”

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We will be back next week with another storyline review and more of the latest comic book news! No rumors, no fan theories! Just the latest facts for your entertainment!

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