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THE COSMIC LIBRARY: Episode 21 – “A Shuri Thing”

The Cosmic Library has a chance to review a comic based on an MCU darling! We review the latest comic of the Wakandan princess, Shuri!

When there is a shift in the monarchy of Wakanda, the Cosmic Library must take note! With that in mind, it’s time for us to take a look at the first half of Marvel Comics’ Shuri maxi-series! What happened to the Black Panther? Why can Shuri transform into a bird? Which Marvel Comics heavyweights will Shuri interact with?

Additionally, we will go through the latest comic book news, including:

  • Which comic company has had serious layoffs?
  • What convention is planning on going forward this summer?!
  • Who is wearing the Ronin costume?!
  • How is DC Comics distributing their solicitations?
  • The Star Wars: The High Republic books/comics are delayed.
  • There is a new story for Valiant Comics’ Shadowman!
  • Meanwhile, who are the Dark Rangers gathering against the Power Rangers?
  • Who is actually running DC’s Suicide Squad?
  • Which Marvel character is getting an actual origin story after almost three decades?
  • What is Wonder Woman’s new weakness?
  • Which Marvel character is absolutely embarrassing the Avengers?!
  • And more!

In the meantime, here is our review of Marvel Comics’ Shuri Issues #1-5! Why is Shuri the “Ancient Future?” What can the Baobab Tree do? What is the deal with the giant space locust? Does the 616 Shuri at all resemble the MCU counterpart?

Listen and find out!

The Cosmic Library: Episode 21 – “A Shuri Thing”

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We will be back next week with another storyline review and more of the latest comic book news! No rumors, no fan theories! Just the latest facts for your entertainment!

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