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Early Access Preview | Heavy Metal VR Rhythm Game ‘God of Riffs’

God of Riffs Early Access Launch Trailer

God of Riffs, the rhythmic heavy metal slasher from publisher Vyersoft and developer Boss Music Games, wages musical war against hellspawn on Steam Early Access started Tuesday, July 27, with support for Oculus Rift, Rift S, and Quest.

Wield battle axes and smash skeletons to the beat of four exclusive metal songs, each with their own environments inspired by iconic metal covers. Carve a path of destruction through a sea of skulls while metalhead mountains headbang in supportive awe.

Climb to the top of leaderboards with each swing and become the God of Riffs. Enjoy more over-the-top songs, modes, and accessibility options as Boss Music Games continuously improves God of Riffs throughout Early Access. 

Early Access includes four banging tracks and worlds. Come help us make the greatest heavy metal melee VR game EVER!

God of Riffs is out NOW in Early Access on Steam for only $4.99! #EnterTheMetalverse and slay the demons of the underworld to the beat!

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