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FUNKO 25th Anniversary Fun on the Run Tour

In partnership with Walmart, Funko is bringing the fun to YOU! To celebrate Funko’s 25th anniversary, they’re taking a road trip across the USA for our Fun on the Run tour. Join us at select Walmart locations from July 7-19.

Funko is celebrating its silver anniversary! Join us in rejoicing 25 years of fun as we hit the road for Fun on the Run! This exclusive Funko 25th Anniversary Fun on the Run Box includes seven collectibles designed specifically to blend the past and present styles and forms of Funko.

First up is the Wacky Wobbler Freddy Funko with Proto! This throwback form factor is a fan favorite among veteran collectors. Next up, since it feels like the years have flown by, is the Pop! Freddy Funko as The Flash™. (There are 1 in 6 odds of finding a chase Pop! Freddy Funko as The Flash.) Be kind and don’t forget to rewind with the new Freddy Funko Blockbuster Rewind collectible, complete with a membership info card and a 1 in 6 chance of finding the grayscale chase Freddy. The Space Ghost SODA has the stoic hero accompanied by Blip, or translucent for the rare 1 in 6 chase.

A 4-pack set of Fun on the Run pins perfectly compliments the sheet of 4 Fun on the Run stickers. The last hurrah is the Bitty Pop! Freddy Funko Fun on the Run 4-pack, packaged to look like the Fun on the Run truck! Only one Bitty Pop! Freddy Funko is visible and the other three Bitty Pop! collectibles are a mystery.

Snag this exclusive 25th Funko Anniversary box set for the perfect celebratory road trip!

Chase variants are shipped at random. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed.

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