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INTERVIEW: Oliver Hyman, Co-Founder of Bubblegum Kids Inc.

Embark on a flavorful journey with co-founder Oliver Hyman, the creative mind behind Bubblegum Kids and BGK Bonanza. In collaboration with his brother, NHL player Zach Hyman, Oliver has orchestrated a sweet symphony that blends a passion for bubblegum with a commitment to healthier indulgence.

As we delve into this exclusive interview, Oliver shares insights into the inspiration behind the brand, the innovative features of Bubblegum Kids, and exciting plans for the future.

Join us in unraveling the tale of how this dynamic duo transformed their love for bubblegum into a delightful experience that transcends generations and fosters shared joy and nostalgia.

Can you share the inspiration behind the creation of Bubblegum Kids and BGK Bonanza? What motivated you to start this venture?

The inspiration behind the creation of Bubblegum Kids and BGK Bonanza came from our passion for bubblegum and a desire to offer a healthier alternative to traditional bubblegum. Becoming parents was a significant motivation for us. We wanted to create a product that allows everyone to savor that classic bubblegum taste while maintaining health-conscious choices.

The key features of Bubblegum Kids include its soft and chewy texture, captivating storytelling, and limited edition collections. How did you come up with these ideas, and what do you hope they bring to your customers?

The key features of Bubblegum Kids, including the fact that it is sugar-free, vegan, kosher, and peanut-free, highlight its role as a healthier alternative to traditional bubblegum. We were inspired to create a product that not only captures the joy and nostalgia of childhood but also meets the growing demand for health-conscious choices. We wanted to offer a guilt-free indulgence for our customers, ensuring that Bubblegum Kids is a treat that everyone can enjoy without compromising their dietary preferences or health-conscious lifestyles.

Can you share any future plans or developments for Bubblegum Kids and BGK Bonanza that your audience can look forward to?

As for our future plans, we launched the BGK Bonanza sweepstakes extravaganza. When customers purchase Bubblegum Kids gum, they’ll have the chance to win a fantastic $30,000 worth of nostalgic prizes, from dream trips to Disneyland and Universal Studios to PlayStations, Barbie Dream Houses, and Furbys. This giveaway runs until the end of November, and there are multiple ways to enter. You can visit our website to see full details. BGK is also planning to expand into retailers across the country.

Bubblegum Kids seems to bridge the gap between the past and the present. How do you envision your product connecting generations and fostering a sense of shared joy and nostalgia?

We envision our product connecting generations and fostering a sense of shared joy and nostalgia. It allows individuals of all ages to relive the carefree days of their childhood. Our aim is to bring people together through the shared experience of savoring that classic bubblegum flavor, transcending generational boundaries, and spreading joy in the process.

Bubblegum Kids is all about nostalgia and reconnecting with cherished childhood memories. Can you tell us about a specific childhood memory that inspired the idea for this product and brand?

Growing up as one of five brothers, we always had to agree on what show or video game we would play together. We all loved playing Mario Party growing up and watching TV shows like Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z. By creating emotional connections between a character and the consumer it can last a lifetime.

Lastly, we are a pop-culture fandom site. Can you tell us about any of your favorite fandoms? Favorite movie, TV show, cartoon. Favorite celebrity encounter. Whether classic, retro, or modern fandoms. We love it all!

To this day I am a huge Pokemon fan! Growing up my brothers and I always played Pokemon video games and we always had competitions as to who could catch them all! Along with that I also love the Super Mario franchise, Dragon Ball Z, and others. These franchises build emotional connections that can last a lifetime.

A heartfelt appreciation to Oliver Hyman for providing a glimpse into the genesis of Bubblegum Kids and BGK Bonanza. This collaborative venture with his brother, Zach Hyman, not only encapsulates the pure joy of classic bubblegum but also introduces a novel and enchanting dimension to the realm of nostalgic treats. To shop for the product visit:

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