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INTERVIEW: Piñata Smashlings™ Roblox Game Omer Dekel, CEO of PMI Kids’ World

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Omer Dekel, the CEO of PMI Kids’ World as we discuss Piñata Smashlings™, the exciting toy collection brought to life from the mega-popular Roblox game by Toikido Entertainment. This innovative brand is making waves in the world of toys and collectibles, capitalizing on the game’s immense success with over 1 million players and an impressive 86% Game Rating.

To date, Piñata Smashlings™ has tamed 4.4 million Smashlings and smashed 10.5 million Piñatas, demonstrating its widespread appeal. As we prepare for the fall launch of this highly anticipated collection, we sit down with Omer Dekel, to explore how Piñata Smashlings™ is revolutionizing play immersion and storytelling in the toy industry, catering to a diverse range of collectors and enthusiasts.

Join us as we delve into the journey of this remarkable brand and its transition from a digital sensation to a tangible, must-have toy line.

The Piñata Smashlings™ toy collection aims to bring the immersive storytelling and gameplay experience of the game into the physical world. Can you elaborate on how you’ve translated the essence of the game into the toy line and what you believe sets it apart from other toy offerings?

Bringing the essence of Piñata Smashlings immersive storytelling and gameplay experience into the toy collection was a well-thought-out and executed opportunity. We translated the characters from the game into tangible toys, ensuring that each one captured the essence of the virtual Smashlings. This attention to detail makes our toys authentic extensions of the digital world. We implemented features like QR codes that unlock exclusive in-game content to strengthen the connection between digital and physical play experiences. This cross-platform playability sets Piñata Smashlings apart from other
toy offerings.

With the launch of Piñata Smashlings™, PMI Kids’ World appears to be ahead of the curve in expanding the brand’s IP. Could you provide some insights into your strategy for building a successful collection and how you plan to cater to different types of collectors?

Our strategy for Piñata Smashlings focuses on diversity, engagement, and collectability.

PMI offers a wide range of toys, including collectibles, action figures, plushies, and play sets, which cater to various collector preferences.

We’ve established a strong link between the game and toys, encouraging players to collect physical Smashlings that mirror their in-game characters and by providing redeemable codes that give in-game benefits with every toy.

We also incorporate a collectability factor: rarity tiers and exclusive items incentivize collectors to complete their sets and hunt for unique items.

In summary, our strategy for Piñata Smashlings involves offering a diverse range of products, establishing a strong connection between the game and toys, leveraging collectability, and ongoing expansion. By combining these elements, we aim to create a compelling and engaging collector experience for the brand’s IP.

The numbers you mentioned, such as 4.4 million Smashlings tamed and 10.5 million Piñatas smashed, are truly impressive. How do these in-game achievements translate into the toy collection, and how do you plan to engage both existing players and newcomers with your fall launch? 

These impressive in-game achievements provide a strong foundation for our toy collection. We plan to engage existing and new players by offering exclusive in-game rewards tied to the physical toys. This seamless connection to the game incentivizes them to explore the Piñataverse digitally and through our collectibles, fostering a vibrant community of collectors and players.

Lastly, we are a pop-culture fandom site. Can you tell us about any of your favorite fandoms? Favorite movie, TV show, cartoon. Favorite celebrity encounter. Whether classic, retro, or modern fandoms. We love it all!

Certainly! While I appreciate various fandoms, one of my favorites is the “Star Wars” franchise. The epic storytelling, memorable characters, and the rich, galaxy-spanning universe have always captured my imagination. It’s a timeless and beloved classic that continues to inspire generations of fans.

Thank you Omer for taking out time to answer a few questions about Piñata Smashlings.
Piñata Smashlings™ represents a groundbreaking fusion of digital and physical play, and we encourage you to explore this exciting world. You can start by playing Piñata Smashlings™ now on Roblox and experience firsthand the magic that has inspired this remarkable toy collection.

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