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INTERVIEW: Ryan Carr Unwraps the Jelly Belly Partnership with Incredible Group

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Ryan Carr from the Incredible Group, the masterminds behind the innovative collaboration with Jelly Belly that brought to life squishable and scented toys inspired by the beloved jelly bean brand. In this engaging conversation, Ryan provides unique insights into the inspiration behind this partnership, offering a glimpse into the inception of scented squishy jelly beans that captivate the senses.

Join us on this fascinating journey into the world where confectionery meets collectibles, with Ryan Carr as our guide.

What inspired Jelly Belly to partner with Incredible Group for the creation of squishable and scented toys? How does this collaboration align with the commitment to providing a unique and enjoyable experience for its consumers?

Well, we can’t really speak for Jelly Belly on this front of course! That said, when we approached Jelly Belly initially with the idea to make scented squishy jelly beans, they immediately understood the vision… even if it was a little sketchy and not fully formed at that time! The squishy toy space has been SO popular in recent years, and this was an opportunity to do something truly unique and different.

With the introduction of collectible squishable toys, how do you anticipate this new product line appealing to its existing customer base, especially considering the brand’s history of offering gourmet jelly beans and engaging products like BeanBoozled?

We here at the Incredible Group certainly understand the power of the Jelly Belly brand… people tell us all the time how much they LOVE the candy and that we better get the product right (we think we did!) We do think that this idea will resonate with fans of the candy because it is really playing off of the appeal, with the shape, scents, and look and feel of the actual candy. So far fans have been telling us that we did a good job honoring what makes Jelly Belly so special… high praise!

The partnership with you (Incredible Group) represents a significant expansion into the world of toys for Jelly Belly. How do you see this growing and bringing in the confectionery market?

Our focus is making cool toys, and we think there are LOTS of opportunities to make even more cool Jelly Belly toys. We do think there is the opportunity to expand further, through additions to the line and potentially new toy Jelly Belly products altogether. Provided that Jelly Belly continues to agree with the direction, we DEFINITELY see a great continuing opportunity here for the toys.

Can you elaborate on how you envision the integration of these collectible squishable and scented toys into the overall Jelly Belly experience? Are there plans to create synergies between the consumption of Jelly Belly candies and the enjoyment of the new squishable toys?

We certainly will be exploring every opportunity together. The Jelly Belly branded stores will be receiving their shipments very soon, and we are already dreaming up new ways to collaborate with Jelly Belly (again, provided they ultimately agree with the direction!) Today, we are very focused on the products… getting them right, dreaming up new products, and expanding in this area. As we grow together, I think that even more opportunities will present themselves BEYOND the products as well.

Lastly, we are a pop-culture fandom site. Can you tell us about any of your favorite fandoms? Favorite movie, TV show, cartoon. Favorite celebrity encounter. Whether classic, retro, or modern fandoms. We love it all!

How much time do you have? I am an 80s kid and He-Man was right in my wheelhouse… so I love the revival there (plus… it’s toys… kind of my jam). Speaking of toys, I was also an intense Lego kid. Like… intense. But I was a builder and a keeper… not a breaker. I had huge Lego pirate worlds in my room, and castle, and city… actually as I’m remembering this I’m not sure how I actually was able to move around in my room at all. Video games also… let’s just say I have spent a lot of time in Hyrule. And for celeb, I’m also a big Star Wars fan and Hayden Christensen went to the same high school I did (and yes, he was very nice. We’re Canadians… everyone is very nice)

Thank you, Ryan Carr, for sharing insights into the creation of scented squishable toys in collaboration with Jelly Belly. This innovative partnership not only captures the essence of the beloved jelly bean brand but also offers a unique and exciting addition to the world of collectibles.

Jelly Belly aficionados can embark on a quest for these delightful beans, available in two sizes, at It’Sugar, FYE, Learning Express, and independent retailers. The hunt extends to Meijer stores across the Midwest, providing enthusiasts with convenient access to the sought-after treats.

For our friends in Canada, the collection will be readily available at select independent specialty retailers and major outlets, including Giant Tiger, Indigo, Party City Canada, Red Apple, Toys “R” Us Canada, and Walmart Canada stores. Canadian fans can indulge in the Jelly Belly experience at various locations across the country.

About Incredible Group 
Established in 2002, The Incredible Group is a North American brand that has grown to become a prominent and trusted leader in impulse items, licensed toys, and promotional incentive products. The Incredible Group is the parent company of Incredible Play, Incredible Novelties, and Incredible Incentives. Incredible Play brings the fun as a distributor, wholesaler, licensor, and inventor, of the best in toys, games, outdoor, and more to our retail partners. Most recently, it joined forces with PMI Kid’s World to bring Piñata Smashlings to the Canadian market. Incredible Novelties is home to the latest trends for the hottest events, swag bags, and impulse items for retailers and event planners. Incredible Incentives provides fresh, unique, and customized promotional items making a bold statement for your brand. For more information, visit

About Jelly Belly Candy Company
With candy-making roots dating back to 1869, Jelly Belly Candy Company began making Jelly Belly jelly beans in 1976. Today, Jelly Belly products are sold all over the world and the company remains family-owned and operated by the fourth, fifth, and sixth generations of the candy-making family. For more information about Jelly Belly and its confections, visit or consumers can call (800) 522-3267 and retailers can call (800) 323-9380.

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