Second Union

Second Union


Marvel’s Incoming surprises in a lot of ways!

Marvel’s advertising has focused on this over-sized one-shot for months. It is a precursor to two other events on the way, Empyre and Outlawed. It lays the basis for a lot to come. Despite the daunting 84 pages of story and high $9.99 cover price, this is a great jump-in point for most of the Marvel Universe.

marvel incoming avengers

This is because Incoming is littered with short scenes showing the majority of Marvel’s major players. A newer character, Senator Geoffrey Patrick, is making a case for young heroes to step back, calling them dangerous. The Fantastic Four is still acclimating to their new home. The new Iron Man is both intelligent and belligerent.

marvel incoming iron man 2020

Meanwhile, the Hulk’s psyche may not be as unified as first thought. Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze is the King of Hell and wants to talk to the deposed Mephisto. The Hulkling has a role he cannot refuse. The God of Symbiotes is raging through the cosmos on his way to Earth. The Agents of Atlas argue among themselves. Additionally, Mr. Sinister goes through a lot to get… free cable?

Incoming is very well contained. It gives you a lot to digest, though in very small bites. Catching up on your favorite characters, as well as your non-favorites, is much more simple than usual. Incoming also entices you to modify your pull lists with a bevy of writers and artists reintroduced to readers.

marvel incoming champions outlawed

On top of all of that, Incoming does show what Empyre will be about; Hulkling is now the reigning monarch of the combined forces of the Kree and Skrull armies, and he is leading them to Earth, apparently for a war. While Earth has staved off both armies before, they have never faced the united might of these former empires. The augmented Skrulls of the Secret Invasion gave the Marvel heroes all they could handle a decade ago.

Do yourself a favor and read Incoming. You may be surprised by how much you learn. Also, a screaming H.E.R.B.I.E. is unintentionally hilarious!

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