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Netflix’s LAST CHANCE U Returns July 28

Netflix’s critically acclaimed series Last Chance U returns for a fifth and final season of football on July 28, 2020; Last Chance U: Basketball will premiere in 2021

Last Chance U debuted on Netflix in 2016 and since then the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series has changed the game of sports documentary filmmaking, revealing the authentic and unfiltered character-driven stories of junior college football. On July 28, 2020, Netflix celebrates the fifth and final football season of Last Chance U while starting a new exciting chapter with Last Chance U: Basketball, premiering in 2021.

LAST CHANCE U: LANEY Rejzohn Wright in episode 2 of LAST CHANCE U: LANEY. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020

Season five of Last Chance U brings viewers inside the hustle and grind of Laney College JUCO football where the Laney Eagles are embarking on a new season to defend their 2018 national championship. Under the leadership of the legendary Coach John Beam, the Laney players must overcome injuries, road blocks, and the pressure to prove themselves once again. This season set in the heart of Oakland, CA provides a rich backdrop, showing how the culture and community has shaped this program, team and their outlook on the game of football.

LAST CHANCE U: LANEY (L to R) John Beam and Rejzohn Wright in episode 5 of LAST CHANCE U: LANEY. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020

From Executive Producer and Director, Greg Whiteley (Cheer, Mitt)

“We’re thrilled to be able to delve into the world of Laney College for our fifth season and to have had the opportunity to document the incredible grit and drive of these JUCO players in Oakland, CA. With this series, we always wanted to give viewers a raw behind-the-scenes look at junior college athletics and we’re excited to expand the LCU legacy onto the court with JUCO basketball.”


Last Chance U is a Netflix production in association with Condé Nast Entertainment, Endgame Entertainment and One Potato Productions.


Premieres globally on Netflix on July 28, 2020

Netflix’s critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series Last Chance U returns for Season 5 in a brand new setting to give viewers a raw, authentic look at the junior college football program at Laney College in the heart of Oakland, CA. After clinching the title of state and national champions in 2018, the Laney Eagles have a hard season to follow and a lot to prove. Going into his eighth season and having built the program from the ground up, powerhouse head coach John Beam must fight to rally the team amidst countless setbacks. Season 5 brings intensity both on and off the field as players battle injuries, stress, and personal demons while finding much needed support in the community and taking pride in their scrappy mentality and motto “Laney Built.”


Premiering in 2021, it will document the East Los Angeles Community College basketball team during their 2019-2020 season.

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