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Netflix’s ORION AND THE DARK: Trailers, Key Art, & Cast Announcements

Are you afraid of the Dark? Orion is too.

Synopsis: Orion seems a lot like your average elementary school kid –– shy, unassuming, harboring a secret crush. But underneath his seemingly normal exterior, Orion is a ball of adolescent anxiety, completely consumed by irrational fears of bees, dogs, the ocean, cell phone waves, murderous gutter clowns, even falling off a cliff. But of all his fears, the thing he’s the most afraid of is what he confronts on a nightly basis: the dark. So when the literal embodiment of his worst fear pays a visit, Dark whisks Orion away on a roller coaster ride around the world to prove there is nothing to be afraid of in the night. As the unlikely pair grow closer, Orion must decide if he can learn to accept the unknown –– to stop letting fear control his life and finally embrace the joy of living.

Premiere Date: February 2, 2023
Director: Sean Charmatz
Writer: Charlie Kaufman
Producers: Peter McCown
Executive Producers: Walt Dohrn and Bonnie Arnold
Studio: DreamWorks Animation
Based on the book by Emma Yarlett
Voice Cast: Jacob Tremblay as Orion, Paul Walter Hauser as Dark, Angela Bassett as Dreams, Colin Hanks as Adult Orion, Natasia Demetriou as Sleep, Golda Rosheuvel as Unexplained Noises, Nat Faxon as Insomnia, Aparna Nancherla as Quiet, Ike Barinholtz as Light, Carla Gugino as Orion’s Mom, Matt Dellapina as Orion’s Dad, Nick Kishiyama as Tycho, Mia Akemi Brown as Hypatia, Shannon Chan-Kent as Adult Hypatia, Jack Fisher as Richi Panichi and Werner Herzog as Narrator

Cr: DreamWorks Animation © 2023

Quote from Paul Walter Hauser: “This film is great for all ages because so many different dynamics are represented. You have your introverts and your extroverts coming together. You have the child’s point of view and the parents’. I’m a father, I watch movies with my sons all the time, and I’m always looking for movies that are elevated like this. I think parents will see themselves reflected as much as the kids.”

Quote from Jacob Tremblay: “I’m hoping that kids who struggle with the same fears as Orion can learn that it’s okay to be scared, but it’s also really important to go out of your comfort zone and explore the unknown. And, I think it’s really important to be scared of some things – that just means you’re going to take them seriously.”

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