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PMI Ltd. Kids’ World Unleashes a Party of Fun with Toikido’s Piñata Smashlings™ Toy Line This Fall Across the U.S. and Canada

The Joyous Roblox Game Characters are Bursting Into Reality!

Tel Aviv, Israel – (September 7, 2023) Introducing the Piñata Smashlings™ toy line, where the beloved characters from the lively Roblox game come to life in the most delightful way possible! Brace yourselves for the Piñata Smashlings™ extravaganza, which makes this fall in the U.S. and Canada an unforgettable fiesta with an extensive line of must-have collectibles that surely will be a smash hit!

The dynamic entertainment powerhouse Toikido introduced the world to “Smashlings” – a mischievous bunch of creatures and playful Piñatas that exude fun and are always in pursuit of
the mysterious Rainbow Whale, who drops new Rainbow pods. In collaboration, Toikido and PMI have transformed these beloved characters into a captivating toy line featuring collectible figures, articulated pinatas, cuddly plushies, and engaging playsets!

“P.M.I. Toy World has really brought the Piñataverse to life with these beautifully designed new
toys,” said Darran Garnham, founder and CEO of Toikido. “We’re so excited to be working with
Omer and his team, who have fully immersed themselves in the brand and delivered toys that
will extend the Piñata Smashlings world beyond the digital space into traditional play.”

Omer Dekel, the COO of PMI, shared his excitement, stating, “Toikido has outdone themselves,
crafting a vibrant and inviting universe within the Piñataverse, and we’re absolutely thrilled to
translate it into an unforgettable tangible experience. The Piñata Smashlings™ brand
seamlessly aligns with our ethos of fun and creativity!”

The Piñata Smashlings™ collection is all set to redefine playtime. Each toy within the lineup
comes with a unique QR code that offers access to exclusive in-game content, enriching the
interactive experience for fans. The Piñataverse is about to journey from the digital realm to
your living space as it will hit the shelves of Walmart, Macy’s, Meijer, FYE, and Five Below in
late September ’23. This launch not only highlights the brilliance of the Piñata Smashlings™
brand but also perfectly aligns with PMI’s commitment to delivering exceptional,
imagination-fueled joy to children everywhere.

PMI’s Piñata Smashlings™ Products:
● Piñata Smashlings™ figures 1 pack Blind Pod
○ More than 70 different 1.5-inch Smashlings and Bashlings to collect!
● Piñata Smashlings™ Piñata Box
○ 4 articulated Piñatas to collect!
● Piñata Smashlings™ Blind Box Plush
○ 6 surprise 5-inch Smashling plushies to collect!
● Piñata Smashlings™ vs. Bashlings 8-Pack Deluxe Box
○ Over 70 different figures to collect!
● Piñata Smashlings™ Figures 12-Pack Deluxe Box
○ 12-figure pack with more than 70 characters to collect!
● Piñata Smashlings™ Rainbow Whale Playset
○ Multi-point articulation playset with 4 Smashlings, including 3 hidden figures!
● Piñata Smashlings™ Party Bus Playset
○ Celebratory playset with 3 party accessories, 2 removable speakers, a disco ball, and 4 Smashlings, including 2 hidden figures!
● Piñata Smashlings™ Yum Yum Playset
○ Playset with 3 foodie accessories and 4 Smashlings, including 2 hidden figures!

For more information on the brand-new Piñata Smashlings™ toy line, please visit: and follow PMI on:
● Instagram: @pmi_toys
● Facebook: @pmiltd
● Twitter: @pmitoys
● TikTok:@pmi_toys

About Piñata Smashlings
Piñata Smashlings are the inhabitants of the Piñataverse, a world of unimaginable wonders
where anything is possible. There are hundreds of these cheeky little characters who explore
the expansive and ever-growing world. But not everything is sweetness and light, as darkness
looms with menacing Meañatas up to no good, turning Smashlings into bitter Bashlings. Luckily,
there are Piñatas to help save the day!

About Toikido
Toikido Ltd is a new KIND of entertainment company that sets itself apart. An innovative, fun,
and fast-paced studio, which has become renowned for growing global audiences through the
creation of captivating toys for emerging digital brands. With a global reach, Toikido offers an
ecosystem across licensing, gaming, music, marketing, and entertainment and is dedicated to
developing its own exceptional intellectual properties (IP) across all entertainment genres.
Piñata Smashlings™ is Toikido’s first internally developed IP and set to become one of the most
exciting children’s brands, with the launch of a Roblox game, a range of toys, including
collectables, action figures, plush, and playsets, an official collectors guide and magazine, and
an animated series to bring the Piñataverse to life.
Toikido was founded by serial entrepreneur Darran Garnham in 2020.

About PMI
Established in 1995, PMI is a leading gaming-sector toy manufacturer focused on licensing
consumer products in over 170 countries. PMIs is all about giving licensed intellectual properties
(IPs) a vibrant existence through the creation of high-quality, innovative, affordable toys and
collectibles. We’re here to bring the best children’s brands and the coolest lines to kids all over
the world. Among our lineup are esteemed names like Paw Patrol, Sonic Prime, Among Us and
an array of others. Rooted in our purpose is the aspiration to ensure that every child across the
world can partake in the delight of play, irrespective of their circumstances.

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