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THE COSMIC LIBRARY: Episode 3 – “West Coast Avenging”

While you go on your holiday vacations, enjoy the latest Cosmic Library Podcast!

We are about to enjoy a small hiatus from our broadcasts! After all, you can’t stop your brother-in-law from flipping through your graphic novels forever. And we wish he would…

In the meantime, we have another episode of the Cosmic Library for your pleasure! This week, we touch on the following topics:

  • Marvel’s Incoming event starts this month, but what is the event coming out of it?
  • What update does Geoff Johns have for Batman: Earth One and the Three Jokers?
  • Which creators are heading to which Transformers conventions?
  • We discuss Spider-Woman’s new costume for her new 2020 solo series!
  • Who is the new Kingpin?
  • How are another set of New Gods coming to DC Comics?
  • What are the gold-level comics coming out on Free Comic Book Day?
  • Another X-Man is getting their own series! Which one is it this time?
  • A new Star Wars comic is spinning tales about legendary bounty hunters!
  • Meanwhile, who is Doom 2099?
  • And what does the birth of Aquaman’s child mean for Atlantis?
  • Which Valiant hero is making their return in a new series?
  • Who did DC Comics need “reminding” that one of their stars was not a superhero?
  • Plus more!

Additionally, we review the first volume of the Marvel’s 2018 West Coast Avengers! How did this update go over with the Library members?

The Cosmic Library Episode 3 – West Coast Avenging

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We will have a short hiatus for Christmas, but will be back after New Year’s with more podcasts, more comic book news, and a discussion the latest stories!

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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