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San Diego Comic-Con Prep 2023: Survival Bag

Here is a list of MUST haves to survive any day at San Diego Comic-Con (really any pop culture convention). This list is for reference only, so adjust your backpack, satchel or even messenger bag to match your convention day experience. This bag gets adjusted every year.

Here are the essential items I cannot Con without during San Diego Comic-Con:

Survival Pack Prep

1Carrying Case – Invest in a good carrying case. Get something sturdy. My TYLT Energi + Backpack with built-in battery works wonders for holding all my content. It has compartments for all of my essentials. It includes a massive 10,400mAh battery pack and is designed to keep all the cables together. It’s also TSA friendly which makes passing through airport security easy. So find one to fit your needs!

2Portable Battery Station – And speaking of built-in batteries, I carry two portable battery chargers with extra USB/Thunderbolt and Micro USB cables. One is the TYLT brand which came with my backpack and the other is a Lumsing 11,000mAh brand. Both are capable of recharging my iPhone four times in a day. Having your own battery charging station will save you time in having to find somewhere to plug up.

3Poster Tube – Now you may think that that exclusive Fox TV Fanfare freebie poster tube handed out is cool looking but it can be too short for holding the free and purchased posters you want to keep safe from being damaged. The one I carry is adjustable to the size of the poster and includes a strap for easy carrying.

4Field Notes – Last year during Preview Night I learned a lesson that technology is not always best when jotting down notes. So, I carry a little note pad.

5Pencil Bag – For holding your Sharpies and colored pencils for doodling during line wait.

6Tic-Tacs – You don’t want to greet your favorite celebrity with ‘dragon’s breath’.

7Deodorant and Baby Powder – Because I am considerate of other and you should be too.

8Chapstick – Can’t live without it.

9 Hand Sanitizer – If you touch it, so have many, many, many others.

11 – Neosporin with Bandaids – I’m accident prone, so it’s always good to have a little travel emergency kit for cuts or scrapes. Also, include ibuprofen. With all the excitement, the anxiety could cause an excitement headache.

12Sunscreen – Protect your skin!

13 – Sunglasses – Protect your eyes too!

14 – Portable Sitting Stool – This is a new addition to my survival backpack. Since this year I will be braving the bigger panels, there will be longer line wait and the ground/floor can get mighty uncomfortable.

15 – Tablet with Bluetooth Keyboard – Instead of bringing a laptop, I decided to pack an iPad with a keyboard for blogging.

16Business Cards – A great and easy way to share your information and keep in touch with fellow geeks you meet. Need to get a quick set of customized business cards? Check out

Bonus items:

  • Cash – Not every vendor take credit cards.
  • Printouts of your RSVP’s and ticketed events. To save paper, use the ticketing systems mobile app if applicable.
  • Snacks – Make sure to eat.
  • Water Bottle with Built-In Filtering System – It is very important to stay hydrated!
  • Sketchbook for Artists Sketches – Be sure to visit artist alley. Some artist may even create a free quick sketch with a purchase, so ask. You can leave your sketchbook with some artists for a commission piece.
  • Light Jacket/Hoodie – San Diego has cold early mornings and late evenings.

Feel free to share this list with your attending family and friends!
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