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SECOND UNION Launches a Podcast Network

Recently Second Union quietly, and without fanfare, launched a brand new podcast network consisting of a lineup of three brand new and distinctive podcasts, with at least three more in development. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the three current podcasts and introduce you to the people behind them. We’ll also provide links to all of the shows we mention, so you won’t have to miss a beat!

Hold on tight! The Second Union Podcast Network starts right now!

The Cosmic Library Podcast

First up, The Cosmic Library Podcast brought to you by Jeremy Wilson, Joanna Stryhal, and Jesse Nelson. Each week, this trio treks to the vast Cosmic Library to take you on a marvelous voyage into the world of comics and comics-related news. News you might have otherwise missed. They also discuss upcoming events, character development, story arcs, obscure comic series, and anything in-between! They take a deep dive every week, all while avoiding getting shushed by the ancient but formidable Cosmic Librarian!

You can find The Cosmic Library Podcast on Podomatic and YouTube.

The X-Perts Podcast

Jeremy Wilson, Joanna Stryhal, and Jesse Nelson are back! From the creative minds behind The Cosmic Library Podcast, comes The X-Perts Podcast! Each week our intrepid triumvirate tackle Marvel’s much-maligned, merry mutants, the X-Men, and their storylines!

You can listen to the exciting antics of The X-Perts on Podomatic and YouTube.

The New Stuff Podcast

And finally, David Lawler and his 13-year-old daughter, Regan, discuss pop culture from their own unique, and often varying perspectives. It’s a glimpse into the generation gap, Second Union style.

Check out The New Stuff Podcast on YouTube.

If you have a podcast you feel would be a good fit for the Second Union Podcast Network, shoot us an email at contact at wearesecondunion dot com

Stay tuned to this space for more Second Union podcast news as it becomes available!

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