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What is Simi Valley’s own mini comic convention like?

simi valley toy comic fest

We were given an unexpected invite to Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest. There is a number of small one-day conventions in Ventura County in Southern California. This one is held at the Grand Vista Hotel in Simi Valley. It is not a large hotel. However, it is very accessible and busy. There is a chapel service every Sunday in one of the meeting rooms.

Meanwhile, the main convention is in a pair of conjoined ballrooms. It reminds me of the first Anime Expos in Anaheim. It is small and intimate, yet busy. In fact, I can find a number of rare and unusual items that have been on my collection list for quite some time. If it wasn’t for a last-minute development in my own life, I would have spent good money, for sure.

simi valley toy comic fest
I’ve been spotted!

Additionally, there were some compelling panels that include long time Simpsons animator and comic artist Phil Ortiz and well-known voice actor Jim Cummings. They each have terrific stories about their careers and respective industries.

The people attending are very busy, although they are very polite. These fans are eager to share stories and information on conventions in the area. I feel like I found a fun community here.

phil ortiz simpsons
Simpsons Artist Phil Ortiz

It is rare to find a convention that is small and fun. Often, smaller shows are fully explored in an hour. From there, you either have a compulsion to move on or make time waiting for an event. Instead, Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest is very engaging. It is a fun place to be.

Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest is a joint effort between Scott Zillner and Loyn Stone of Troublemaker Services. Other conventions they host include Power Morphicon, Robo Toy Fest, Megabit Game Expo, and Toon-Con.

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