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STAR TREK REWIND: “The Magicks of Megas-tu”

“Ah, Humans. Lovely, primitive Humans. Can’t you do anything right?”

The Enterprise investigates the “Big Bang” Theory! Not the popular situation comedy, but the creation of matter from a central point in the galaxy that caused the creation of our universe. That is assuming the center of our galaxy is the center of our universe. Isn’t this where Sybok wanted to go to meet God? What does God need with a starship? This seems inadvisable, but Kirk orders the ship to the center of the galaxy. The ship shakes and shutters. Spock is “scientifically fascinated.” The requisite “trippy” effects ensue. The sub-space radio is dead. The life-support systems are dying.

A smirking dude resembling a satyr appears on the bridge. With a wave of his arms, the ship’s systems are restored. The dude calls himself Lucien. He whisks Kirk, Spock, and McCoy off the ship and to an alien world called Megas-tu that Lucien manipulates to look like a representation of our fabled Eden. Lucien explains that “magic” is the established science in his dimension. Lucien claims to come from a people who were advisers during the creation of the universe and our Earth. Without warning, he sends the landing party back to the Enterprise. Spock reasons in this dimension anyone can use magic. The problem with this reasoning is that the very definition of magic implies some form of supernatural ability or sleight of hand. The use of the word, “magic,” is troubling. Hell, I’d even accept the “Force,” but not magic.

Lucien is in trouble with his people for bringing humans to his dimension. This story is all over the map! The crew is put on trial in a facsimile of 1691 Salem, Massachusetts — shades of “Encounter at Farpoint!” It seems the creatures of Megas-tu set up housekeeping in Salem during that time where they were outed as witches and then persecuted. How is it that incredibly powerful creatures can be destroyed by human means? Spock, as the crew’s defense attorney, presents the case that man has evolved beyond the need for witch-hunts and persecution. I guess it took a little while. Lucien is revealed to be the Devil, but Kirk doesn’t care. Kirk fights the prosecution with his magical powers, and the Enterprise sets off on its merry way. It turns out the whole trial was a test. Okay. This episode made no sense! Tell the people!

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