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SUPER IMPULSE to Make its Debut at SDCC 2023

Super Impulse Marks Debut San Diego Comic-Con Appearance with Spudtacular Lineup of NEW IPs
Maximize your Comic-Con Experience with Sneak Peeks, Giveaways, Show Specials, and MORE!

Bristol, PA – (July 6, 2023) – Super Impulse is marking its first-ever San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) showcase with a full roster of both well-loved and new launches from three of its celebrated brands: PoptatersTM, World’s Smallest, and Three Point Seven Five (3.75”). Showgoers are invited to visit booth #1021 to be amongst the first to see the latest launches from Poptaters and participate in booth activations for the chance to win a Super Impulse prize pack.

PoptatersTM is a clever reimagining of Hasbro’s classic Mr. Potato HeadTM through pop culture icons, resulting in hilarious, fun collectibles. Following a successful launch at the start of the year, Super Impulse has continued to build on the line with new IPs, bringing pop culture’s greatest characters to the fans. SDCC will give attendees the opportunity to see the third wave first-hand and purchase exclusive PoptatersTM products on-site before they are released to the general public.

Outside of its leadership in licensing, Super Impulse has made its mark through miniatures, which maximize function and novelty at the tiniest scale! At SDCC, the brand will showcase two of its hallmark miniature brands: World’s Smallest Micro Figures, highly detailed and articulated fan-favorite characters in 1.25-inch collectible form, and its NEW 3.75” line, palm-sized figures that come with a base and diorama card for bite-sized play and display!

“We can’t wait to have a space at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to interact with our fanbase and see the reactions to our showcase,” said Daniel A. Chernek, EVP of Product Development at Super Impulse. “We value our adult collector and fandom community – exhibiting at the show will give us a hands-on experience to participate and capture feedback in real-time.”

Super Impulse’s debut appearance at SDCC comes off the heels of decades of experience in the toy and licensing spaces and positions the brand to engage with the fandom community in an unprecedented way. Fans can prepare to act on their impulses at booth #1021, which will be showcasing the latest and greatest from Super Impulse during the duration of San Diego Comic-Con from July 20th to the 23rd, including:

  • Poptaters (Wave 3) — exclusive sneak peek and ability to purchase
  • World’s Smallest Micro Figures
  • 3.75” Figures
  • Daily Giveaways
  • Share-worthy photo ops

For more collectibles, micro figures, and functional mini toys, visit and keep up with the latest by following @SuperImpulse on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

About Super Impulse: Founded in 2014, Super Impulse is committed to toy innovation, novelty items, and accessories for kids and the young at heart. Super Impulse’s globally recognized World’s Smallest collection has expanded with a multitude of licensing partnerships. Selling hundreds of millions of units across the product line and continues to add to its offering and licenses with the world’s most iconic toys. Super Impulse has the latest in classic retro and trend-forward toys with “a little something” for everyone!

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