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TRAILER: SPY KIDS: ARMAGEDDON – Date Announcement (2023)

Spy Kids: Armageddon is a family affair. The fifth installment in the hit franchise follows a new group of secret spies: the Tango-Torrez family. But its family bona fides don’t stop in front of the camera; Spy Kids creator Robert Rodriguez co-wrote the film with his son Racer, and his son Rebel composed the film’s score. “I wish I could go back in a time machine and ask myself at 8, 9 years old what I wanted to see in a movie,” Rodriguez told Netflix in an interview conducted earlier this year. In his children, he found creative partners who could answer that very question — without needing to invent time travel on a tight schedule.

Spy Kids: Armageddon hits Netflix on Sept. 22

Synopsis: When the children of the world’s greatest secret agents unwittingly help a powerful Game Developer unleash a computer virus that gives him control of all technology, they must become spies themselves to save their parents and the world.

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writers: Robert Rodriguez, Racer Max

Producers: Robert Rodriguez, Racer Max, Elizabeth Avellan, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger (Skydance)

Executive Producers: Gary Barber and Peter Oillataguerre (Spyglass)

Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Everly Carganilla, Connor Esterson, Billy Magnussen, D.J. Cotrona

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