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TV Moments: The Best of 2018

Now that 2018 is firmly in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look back in fondness at some of our favourite TV Moments of the last 12 months. Before I continue, I must disclaim that because I live in the UK, my access to certain shows is limited, so if there are any egregious omissions, please let me know about in full at @ReffingMovies on Twitter.

**SPOILERS AHEAD** Tread softly… You have been warned!

1. The Argument in The Car

I could write a book on how much I loved The Haunting of Hill House when it aired back in October. Literally, everyone within earshot was forced by my good self to sit and watch some of the best extended storytelling I’ve seen in years.

That being said, I had to somehow fit just one moment on this list, otherwise, it’d probably get quite tedious. So, I decided to choose the scene where Nell appears between Theo and Shirley in the car. I genuinely screamed in terror when it happened, and still get anxious whenever I find myself watching the show again.

Fun Fact – Apparently, Kate Siegel and Elizabeth Reader were not told when Victoria Pedretti was going to pop up in the middle. So the fear you and I felt was exactly the same on set. Magic!

2. Rosa Parks Makes History

The latest season of Doctor Who never really got started. After a couple of strong opening episodes, the climax shamefully petered out into a damp squib. Fortunately, one of those strong episodes came in the form of a historical masterclass regarding the infamous protest held by Rosa Parks.

Rosa was such a terrific exploration of the difficulties delivered on a daily basis to people of colour during the 20th Century. The decision to place the Doctor and her “best friends” in the centre of this was genius. Even more so when they are forced to become part of the problem that motivates Parks to do what she so wonderfully did.

3. England Reached The Semi-Finals of the World Cup

What? It happened on the TV, didn’t it? I don’t need to defend myself, you know I’m right! Plus I honestly think I levelled up when Trippier scored that free kick. Just you wait, It’s Coming Home!

4. The Spear of Selene

There are so very few programs for a 2-year-old that I can actually sit down and watch. Whether it’s Peppa Pig, In The Night Garden, Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine or something equally as ridiculous, my baby girl will probably watch it, and I will probably hate it. That was until she discovered the latest rendition of one of Disney’s most enduring shows: DuckTales. Woo-hooo!

I’m not going to tell you that DuckTales is the children’s equivalent to Game of Thrones or anything. However, what I will say is, Dewey’s quest to discover the truth about his and his brother’s mother, Donald Duck’s sister, Della, caught me completely off guard. Trust me, after 20 episodes of “What did she do?” “What is the Spear of Selene?” “Why did she leave?”, you still won’t be ready for how it ends. All I’ll say is: I sat there, and sobbed. Like a 4-year-old. For 15 minutes. Beat that Game of Thrones!!

5. Jessica Lange Returns

Ever since Lily Rabe appeared in Season 4 of American Horror Story as Sister Mary Eunice, speculation has been rife as to the connections between each individual story. Slowly but surely, showrunner Ryan Murphy has given us subtle indications of his overall plans and intentions for the show.

Fast Forward to 2018 and the announcement many fans were waiting for finally arrived: Jessica Lange was returning to the show! Praise the TV gods, the great Constance Langdon, adoptive mother of the spawn of Satan himself will be returning to our screens! And boy did it meet expectations. Her reintroduction was gripping, harrowing, and fascinating. Lange’s performance in Return to Murder House made us all realise just how much we missed one of Hollywood’s most powerful actors.

6. Lorca’s True Identity Revealed

With the second season of Star Trek: Discovery a matter of weeks away, it would be pertinent to take a look back at one of the more shocking reveals of 2018. Season one of Discovery was a beautiful introduction to an otherwise unknown element to the Star Trek Universe.

Set before the events of The Original Series, the show focuses on Michael Burnham’s journey aboard the USS Discovery alongside the mysterious Captain, Gabriel Lorca. With mysteries involving Klingons, The Negative Zone and Federation Protocol, I don’t think anyone could’ve expected the biggest twist to be the true motives and indeed true identity of the mysterious Captain Lorca.

7. The Korean Spa

Netflix’s less than child-friendly animated show took the Internet by storm when it’s the first season was realised in 2017. Many people were curious as to how far the next season would go in terms of content, cussing and complete craziness. What we got was an investigation into pubescent shame and some of the most mind-blowing animations I’ve ever seen.

To pick one particular scene is almost impossible, whether it’s where Steve finally losing his virginity in his 40s, the conclusion to the school sleepover, or the completely ludicrous musical number performed at Jessi’s dad’s new apartment, Big Mouth is not without memorable moments. However, the Korean Spa scene is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget. The song, the lyrics, the animation, the whole thing is just bonkers, and some of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Honourable Mentions

Arrow/Flash/Supergirl – Elseworlds
The Mandalorian Announced
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Backstreet Boys Open
Killing Eve – The Dinner Scene

So, what have I missed? What are your favourite TV moments from 2018? Let us know on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and don’t forget to tell me why my list is wrong on Twitter at @ReffingMovies.

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