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Unboxed VS: ZBox vs Loot Crate

Unboxed VS: ZBox vs Loot Crate

RJ and I put two more subscription boxes to the test. We open up and share with you the contents of the most recent ZBox and Loot Crate boxes. And now another Unboxed VS!


Round One: ZBox – March Theme: Nostalgia

  • ZBox Exclusive Jumanji T-Shirt
  • ZBox Exclusive Back to the Future Collector’s Coin – Silver Variant or Gold Variant
  • SNES Coasters
  • Ready Player One Keyring
  • A3 Pac-Man Comin’ ‘atcha Poster
  • Funko Mystery Minis Retro Arcade Game

Spoiler Card…

Round Two: Loot Crate – April Theme: Artifacts

  • Loot Crate Edition Lord of the Rings Weta Mini Epics Frodo with Sting
  • Exclusive Jo3bot Thanos T-Shirt
  • Exclusive The Dark Crystal Notecards
  • Legend of Zelda Hyrule Map
  • Exclusive Loot Crate Chalice Pin
Photo Credit: Style Me Fantasy – Jennifer

This box forms into the Infinity Gauntlet! 

Photo Credit: Style Me Fantasy – Jennifer

Spoiler Card…

Photo Credit: Hello Subscription – Brandy

Along with the Loot Crate pin, you always get some digital comic bonuses:

Final Round: This VS was a draw. Both boxes ring supreme. With that, ZBox‘s next theme for May is Detectives. And Loot Crate’s next theme for May is Role Models.

Check it out! There are more Unboxed Vs videos on our YouTube channel. Our last Unboxed Vs was Geek Fuel vs. ZBox. And it was a draw! But we want you to be the judge. Photos are in the article. Take a look and you decide!

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We are working on an Unboxed VS to be recorded LIVE from MomoCon 2018. There may be giveaways coming up so please stay tuned to our YouTube channel! #WeLoveThisStuff #WeAreSecondUnion
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