Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS PODCAST: Episode 14 – “Cypher”

The X-Perts go over the emotional history of the X-Men’s biggest cautionary tale. Who is their most painful loss? Who is Cypher?

In the 1980s, Chris Claremont co-created a mutant who wasn’t as powerful as the others. However, Doug Ramsey leaves an unforgettable mark on the New Mutants and the X-Men. Why did the New Mutants work so hard to protect Cypher? What kind of relationship did he have with Kitty Pryde? How is Cypher key to making Krakoa function as a nation? It’s time for the X-Perts to find out!

Cypher x-men dawn of X
Cypher from Dawn of X

What languages can he understand? Who has Doug sacrificed everything for? What makes Cypher irreplacible?”

Listen and find out!

The X-Perts Podcast: Episode 14 – “Cypher”

X-Perts Second Union

Next week, we will discuss an X-Man who used to be one of their worst villains! She has helped teach mutants all over the world! She has survived the single worst massacre in mutant history! Her powers evolved and grew to make her a powerful telepath and powerhouse! Next week… the White Queen!

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