Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS PODCAST: Episode 12 – “Omega Red”

The X-Perts check the history of vampiric villian Omega Red!

Since his first appearance, Omega Red has dogged the X-Men’s existence. How can someone who has so few plans of his own be this dangerous? Does he have any sort of peace? It’s time for the X-Perts to find out!

Why is his hatred for Wolverine so personal? What is the object that can change his life? Who could Omega Red be working for now?

Listen and find out!

The X-Perts Podcast: Episode 12 – “Omega Red”

X-Perts Second Union

Next week, we are going to try to solve a walking enigma! He survived when other X-Men didn’t. He finds the secrets powerful people want hidden. Next week… Gambit!

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