Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS PODCAST: Episode 11 – “Madison Jeffries”

The X-Perts review an often forgotten mutant! Who is Madison Jeffries?

He has been on Alpha Flight. His designs have held mutants captive. His designs are used by major hero teams. Who is Madison Jeffries? What is Box? The X-Perts want to know can his power shape Krakoa?

How does Madison’s history keep him off the front lines? Can Jeffries overcome his history of mental trauma and manipulation? Moreover, what is Madison’s potential?

Listen and find out!

The X-Perts Podcast: Episode 11 – “Madison Jeffries”

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Next week, we delve into another X-Men villain, one whose presence on Krakoa threatens more than just the X-Men. Our next review is Omega Red!

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