Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS: Episode 2 – “Angel/Archangel/Death, etc.”

The X-Perts go on a deep dive of one of the first X-Men!

In the meantime, we have a new episode of our X-Men focused podcast, the X-Perts! You may think you know a lot about Marvel’s mutants, but you will be surprised! We sure were when we break down the history of Warren Worthington III, the Angel! We follow his transformations into Death and the Archangel!

Listen for yourself, and you may find yourself with a new appreciation for this original X-Man!

The X-Perts Episode 2 – Angel/Archangel/Death, etc.

second union x-perts podcast

We will have a short hiatus for Christmas, but will be back after New Year’s with more podcasts and a discussion of Marvel’s Jubilee!

Happy Holidays!

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