Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS PODCAST: Episode 8 – “Inferno”

The X-Perts keep hearing a word in the Dawn of X: Inferno. But what is it?

What has links to Mister Sinister, most of the members of the upcoming Hellions series, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and took the X-Men to their limit? It was an overlooked event that affected all of New York… Inferno!

marvel comics x-men inferno

Mutants in the 90’s face betrayal by demons, mutants, friends, and humans! Who did not survive? Who had to leave after it was over? Have the effects of Inferno ever really gone away?

Listen and find out!

The X-Perts Podcast: Episode 8 – “Inferno”

X-Perts podcast second union

Next week, we revisit an X-Man that not many fans remember, Stacy X!

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