Second Union

Second Union

THE X-PERTS PODCAST: Episode 4 – “The Mutant Massacre”

The newest X-Perts podcast is about a central storyline in X-Men history!

The X-Perts reviewed the X-Men’s status, Archangel, and Jubilee! With their fourth show, the X-Perts are getting educated on a story that affects the course of mutant history; the Mutant Massacre!

Which X-Men were injured? Did they ever find X-Factor in the tunnels? How are non-mutants, Daredevil, Power Pack, and Thor involved?

marvel comics x-men x-factor mutant massacre

Listen and find out! This story is dark, however, it is where several changes start and the foundation of Excalibur starts!

The X-Perts Episode 4 – The Mutant Massacre

x-perts podcast second union x-men

Meanwhile, we are gearing up to do another deep dive of an X-Man’s history! Which one shall it be?

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