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Second Union

2U SHOWCASE: “Back to School” Edition! – August 5 – August 11, 2018


Welcome to the 2U Showcase “Back to School” Edition! This is where we regularly share cool collectibles & pop culture paraphernalia we’ve come across during our adventures across time, space, and the internet. Click each image for pricing and order information!


Batman Better Built Laptop Backpack

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  • How to survive Gotham’s unrelenting state of emergency.Firstly, do NOT stay indoors — the roving Joker gangs will eventually find you, flay you, and dress you like a sports mascot.

    Secondly, accept the Batman Better Built Laptop Backpacks being hand-delivered by various members of the Bat-Family. Accept it, pack it, and make your way towards the extraction point highlighted with a Bat Symbol.

    This durable, tactical, and extremely helpful Batman backpack will carry various necessities while protecting you from falling, fiery debris, the occasional gunshot, and rabid, acid-spewing penguins.

    Let’s break it down:

    The exterior!

    • Black Batman symbol trimmed with thick embroidery.
    • Durable, navy-blue material with yellow highlights.
    • Plastic clips and adjustable straps for secure pocket closure.
    • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps.
    • A back covered in mesh-like padding featuring an indented Batman symbol.
    • A top handle for convenient hand carrying!

    Sizable pockets!

    • A sizable primary pocket with a yellow interior layered with organizing pouches.
    • A sizable laptop pocket granted an especially soft and protective velvet-like covering — the professional vernacular is “tech sleeve.”
    • An insulated side-pocket for temperature-dependent drinks/foodstuff!

    Dimensions? Materials? Fine: 

    • Measures 13″ wide, 17″ high, and roughly 5″ deep until you stuff it with canned food and fear-toxin antidotes.
    • Materials: 100% polyester.


Captain America Herringbone Laptop Backpack

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This is exactly how Captain America survived WWII.

Sure, he’s a super-soldier armed with an indestructible shield, but it was the Captain America Herringbone Laptop Backpack that actually pulled Cap through the darkest days of WWII.

Yes, if it wasn’t for this amazing Captain America backpack, Steve Rogers wouldn’t have anywhere to put his necessary rations, the retractable mine detector, or his Benny Goodman records.

This Cap-pack continues Cap’s costume aesthetic while offering more pockets than the government should allow.

Let’s break it down.

The exterior!

  • Two pouches secured via snap closure and rendered in the V-shaped herringbone weave pattern!
  • Blue, white and red material simulating Cap’s costume.
  • An embroidered star symbol.
  • Water bottle pouches!
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps!
  • A segmented, padded, and mesh-covered back with an indented star symbol.
  • A black, leather-like and reinforced bottom.

Sizable pockets!

  • A main pocket with several organizing pouches.
  • A separate LAPTOP POCKET accessible from the side.

Dimensions? Materials? Fine:

  • Measures 15″ wide, 20″ high, and roughly 8.5″ deep.
  • Materials: 100% polyester.


Star Wars Chewie Original Wing Man Men’s T-Shirt

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Made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton, the Star Wars Chewie Original Wing Man Men’s T-Shirt lets everybody know who exactly the first Wingman was…and it was Chewbacca! You would think that means that Chewie spent most of his time helping Han talk to the ladies but it actually meant that he knew when to punch the Hyperdrive!

This Chewbacca t-shirt is also heather brown in slight homage to our beloved Wookiee. You also get some good old fashioned retro border around said image to really drive the point home about the message. Respect the Wookiee and ‘add to cart’…and also let him win at Space Chess.

Wonder Woman Movie Symbol New Era Beanie

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Hmmm. I “wonder” who this beanie belongs to.

It was lying in the snow next to a pile of handily throttled Minotaurs and a moaning, folded over Greek god or two.

I knew who it belonged to the SECOND that double “W” symbol began glimmering in the sunlight — it was the property of Wonder Woman, and I made it my mission to return it to her.

Yes, our Wonder Woman Movie Symbol New Era Beanie is a soft red beanie sporting an embroidered Wonder Woman symbol rendered in a shiny golden thread — it emulates the metal-woven symbol pervading Diana’s cinematic exploits.

Made from 100% acrylic, this head-warming Wonder Woman beanie from New Era celebrates Wonder Woman’s heroism across comics, film, and fantastical lands teeming with unspeakable godless horrors.


Star Wars R2D2 Image Lunchbox

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When it comes to intrusting someone with stuff that is important to us, we need to make certain that they will do everything in their power to keep it safe. And that’s when R2D2 comes to mind! Never once waivered in his mission. Which makes him the perfect model to keep your lunch safe. Don’t you think?

There’s really no bigger mission on your way to school than keeping your food intact until lunch. So buy the Star Wars R2D2 Image Lunchbox while you still can!

100% PVC Free


Star Wars C3PO Face Tin Lunch Box

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So I just saw this movie for the first time..Trek Wars? No…wait…it was Star Empire Strikes Back. I’m getting disapproving scowls from my co-workers. They inform me that it is Star Wars and I probably won’t make it through the day. Should I have seen this movie before? They tell me this fine 7.5 inch tall by 6 inch wide by 2.75 inches thick Star Wars C3PO Face Tin Lunch Box is inspired by it. I know that this robot forms some kind of neurotic partnership with a nonspeaking but smooth operating astromech droid and they get into all sorts of adventures! Joking aside, this great Star Wars C3PO Face Tin Lunch Box shows off the likeness of C-3PO’S face on the front and back, while there is a body shot of the golden god on the sides! He’ll even tell you the odds(not really).

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